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Commits on May 21, 2011
@jtimberman jtimberman First pass at removing unsupported/unsupportable
Cookbooks removed in this branch are either deprecated due to
various reasons (projects no longer active or functionality has
been replaced), or because Opscode lacks the capacity to
sufficiently support and maintain them. The cookbooks will still
be available for download from the Community site or from previous
commits in this repository.
Nuo Yan add gecode cookbook and update chef server bootstrap to install gecode 6efc542
@jtimberman jtimberman just install the package per the old chef recipe 031057f
@jtimberman jtimberman Refactoring chef -> chef-server cookbook
* renaming 'chef' to 'chef-server'
* change attributes in cookbook
* use rabbitmq::chef
* chef-solr-indexer is now chef-expander
* update README
@jtimberman jtimberman chef cookbook compatibility w/ deprecated recipes
* attributes will be included set from chef cookbook's values
* print warning messages and include recipes where appropriate
@jtimberman jtimberman fix paths and attribute usage for chef-server 1c11362
@jtimberman jtimberman update gecode readme and metadata 9a655cb
@jtimberman jtimberman set owner to chef not root 70e5523
@jtimberman jtimberman broken merge cruft fixed f31c1d6
@jtimberman jtimberman Basho will maintain the riak cookbook 65d0b69
@jtimberman jtimberman move rabbitmq::chef to chef-server::rabbitmq 802de90
@jtimberman jtimberman use chef 0.10.0 environments
* Replaces all occurrances of node app_environment attribute with
node.chef_environment in recipes.
* Still need to update readmes for using environments instead of roles.
@jtimberman jtimberman use newer notification form in pdns ead0d03
@jtimberman jtimberman updating metadata for removed, unsupported cookbook dependencies c8c7b94
@jtimberman jtimberman wordpress v0.8.0, cleanup and upgrade
* Cleanup the default recipe with better organization of includes
* Upgrade to wordpress 3.1.2
* move generated attributes to the recipe
* move mysql library require into not_if where its actually used
@jtimberman jtimberman parallel v0.99.1, upgrade version, use homebrew cookbook in osx 74df0a2
@jtimberman jtimberman chef 0.10 doesn't need metadata.json e6b6348
@jtimberman jtimberman readme and metadata updates for chef_environments b553f78
Commits on May 22, 2011
@jtimberman jtimberman passenger v0.99.0
* Upgrade to passenger 3.0.7
* Attributes are all "default"
* Install curl development headers
* Move PassengerMaxPoolSize to config of module instead of vhost.
@jtimberman jtimberman radiant vhost shouldnt use passengermaxpoolsize 9b96852
@jtimberman jtimberman heartbeat v0.7.1, packages are version 2+ in modern ubuntus 36bd6bd
@jtimberman jtimberman update gnu_parallel version to latest release and dont build if it ex…
@jtimberman jtimberman COOK-574, use dashes instead of underscores in recipe names 1b87263
@jtimberman jtimberman install rake 0.8.7 for radiant edd2d5d
@jtimberman jtimberman better handling for radiant rails environment ee3b69d
@jtimberman jtimberman passenger depend on build-essential e4d53b8
@jtimberman jtimberman thrift v0.99.0
* use source install not subversion install
* install python bindings (autodetected)
* use attributes for mirror url, version, checksum and config opts
@jtimberman jtimberman Rake tasks for Chef are deprecated. Use knife for managing cookbooks. 410b71a
@jtimberman jtimberman update meta-documentation files 4c93d2d
Commits on May 25, 2011
@jtimberman jtimberman wordpress cookbook use strings for keys c8f6e6f