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Cover-to-Cobertura Conversion Tool

A simple tool to convert exported Erlang cover data sets into Cobertura XML reports. The report could be then feed to the Jenkins Cobertura plug-in.



  1. Build command line script

    $ make
  2. Install Jenkins Cobertura Plug-in.

  3. Configure cover to export data. Sample cover.spec for Common Test:

    {incl_app, app0, details}.
    {export, "all.coverdata"}.
  4. Configure Jenkins to convert cover reports into Cobertura format:

    $ covertool -cover all.coverdata -output coverage.xml -src src/


    Configure rebar to generate reports in Cobertura format:

    {plugins, [rebar_covertool]}.
    {covertool_eunit, "eunit.coverage.xml"}. % Output report file name
    {covertool_ct, {"ct.coverdata", "ct.coverage.xml"}}. % Source file name, output report file name
    {covertool_prefix_len, 2}. % Optional: Use module prefix as (imaginary) package name
  5. Configure "Publish Cobertura Coverage Report" post-build action, set path to the generated coverage.xml

  6. Run the build. At the end, "Coverage Report" link should appear on project page.