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set -x
. ./
echo tagging and packing release ${ERLSOM_VSN}
Y=`echo ${ERLSOM_VSN} | sed 's/\./-/g'`
if [ ! -f ./make-release ]; then
echo "need to be in top dir"; exit 1;
cd ..
rm -rf downloads 2> /dev/null
rm -rf erlsom-0.0.1 2> /dev/null
cvs tag -F erlsom-${Y}
rm -rf tmp
mkdir tmp
cvs export -d tmp -r erlsom-$Y .
cd tmp
rm -rf erlsom/CVSROOT
rm erlsom/make-release
rm erlsom/make-upload
mv erlsom erlsom-${ERLSOM_VSN}
tar cfz erlsom-${ERLSOM_VSN}.tar.gz erlsom-${ERLSOM_VSN}
echo new release resides in `pwd`/erlsom-${ERLSOM_VSN}.tar.gz