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estatsd 1.1.0
New deps:


Updated deps:

    2013-11-20 9c55d16 new rebar
    2013-11-20 29afc2e make docs
    2013-11-19 e987415 v0.74
    2013-11-19 e15a5e6 fix changelog generation
    2013-11-19 ba95437 make make release release
    2013-11-19 197095c fix R16 build error due to typo in rebar.config.script
    2013-11-14 af5752a v0.73
    2013-11-14 40bd03f Merge pull request #18 from massemanet/watchdog-fixes
    2013-11-14 04cb820 reworking of watchdog
    2013-11-05 11ae389 version 0.72
    2013-11-05 28643c5 fix mess I made of susan.potter's patch
    2013-10-28 33b60a0 phony changelog target
    2013-10-21 cce6685 bumped to 0.71
    2013-10-18 5e3943f rebar update
    2013-10-13 9365442 Remove crypto module deprecations
    2013-10-07 d80eabc bumped to 0.70
    2013-10-07 edcbd79 remove some dead code
    2013-10-07 4c68c70 Remove print_pid conf. Make default print_fun print pid and regname.
    2013-03-13 5133f50 disk_log info
    2013-10-06 312e8df fix typo in "buffered" doc
    2013-10-06 5acc472 documented print_fun
    2013-05-30 35636bc redbug documentation now documents the current version of redbug.
    2013-05-29 d63141f changelog generator
    2013-05-29 58781df Merge pull request #16 from massemanet/redbug_print_pids
    2013-05-29 ea2e1e8 minor bug fixes
    2013-05-29 0a987fe implement redbug 'print_pids' option


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