Chef knife plug-in for Microsoft Azure
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Require Ruby 2.2.2 and test on 2.2.5/2.3.1

Knife Azure

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A knife plugin to create, delete, and enumerate Microsoft Azure resources to be managed by Chef.

NOTE: You may also want to consider using the azure-xplat-cli, this application is written by the Azure team and has many other integrations with Azure. If click here you'll see deeper examples of using the Chef extension and Azure.


Be sure you are running the latest version of Chef DK, which can be installed via:

This plugin is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, run:

chef gem install knife-azure

Depending on your system's configuration, you may need to run this command with root/administrator privileges.


knife-azure 1.6.0 onwards, we are adding support for Azure Resource Manager. You can easily switch between the

  • Service management: commands using the Azure service management API
  • Resource manager: commands using the Azure Resource Manager API

They are not designed to work together. Commands starting with knife azure use ASM mode, while commands starting with knife azurerm use ARM mode.

PLEASE NOTE that Azuererm subcommands are experimental and of alpha quality. Not suitable for production use. Please use ASM subcommands for production.


  1. ASM Configuration
  2. ARM Configuration

Detailed Usage

  1. ASM Mode
  2. ARM Mode

Bootstrap existing VM to install the chef-client using chef-extension :

We have added a utility in ASM and ARM to bootstrap existing VM. This will install the chef-client using chef extension on your VM.

  1. Bootstrap Doc for ASM Mode
  2. Bootstrap Doc for ARM Mode