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  • Fix to encrypted_data_bag_secret and encrypted_data_bag_secret_file options (#138)
  • Fix em-winrm dependencies and close TCP sockets (#134)


  • Fix issue in error message when no flavor is supplied (#132)


  • Fix Server List exception (#131)
  • Fix bug preferring knife over CLI configurations items (#128)


  • Use fog/rackspace instead of fog gem
  • Require Ruby 2.2.2 / Chef 12 and general cleanup
  • Spec updates to avoid deprecation warnings
  • Chefstyle fixes
  • Modified server list - #118


  • Remove unused, and unsupported/ancient knife-dsl requirement
  • Take it all the way to 11 (Chef 11.x) and greater


  • Add -B (boot volume ID) to knife rackspace server create - #91


  • Support new chef-vault boostrap flags (--bootstrap-vault-file, -bootstrap-vault-json, and --bootstrap-vault-item)


  • KNIFE-498 knife rackspace uses direct TCP connection on port 22 to verify SSHD
  • Update Windows bootstrapping instructions in the README
  • Fix warning for deprecated :keypair for :key_name


  • KNIFE-497 Create server command does not honor timeout parameter


  • KNIFE-480 Add support for user-data
  • --secret-file support for bootstrap


  • KNIFE-460 Remove extraneous flavor reloads
  • KNIFE-459 Add support for config-drive
  • KNIFE-440 fix two minor typos in the ui.error message
  • use {public_ip_address} instead of {public_ip_address}


  • KNIFE-398 support secret/secret_file in knife.rb
  • KNIFE-420 Add --ssh-keypair for using ssh keys already registered with nova.
  • KNIFE-437 remove default region and make region required
  • replace with xip (cloud-ips was deprecated
  • updated Fog dependency to 1.16


  • KNIFE-408 TypeError: wrong argument type Symbol (expected Module)


  • KNIFE-335 Wait for RackConnect and/or Service Level automation before bootstrapping
  • KNIFE-366 Allow arbitrary bootstrap networks
  • KNIFE-399 update knife rackspace to support string based flavor ids
  • Fixing issue with bootstrapping Windows server
  • Fog 1.16 updates


  • KNIFE-68 enable ability to modify ssh port number
  • KNIFE-180 include option to pass :disk_config option to fog for new node bootstrap
  • KNIFE-312 updated to reflect new configuration options in Fog 1.10.1
  • KNIFE-314 provisioning First Gen Cloud Server is broken
  • KNIFE-315 fixed DEPRECATION warnings related to use of old rackpace_auth_url and removed rackspace_endpoint


  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-32 Ensure hint file is created to improve Ohai detection.

  • KNIFE-181 correct mixed use of 'rackspace_auth_url' and 'rackspace_api_auth_url'. Only 'rackspace_auth_url' is correct.

  • KNIFE-182 default to Rackspace Open Cloud (v2)

  • KNIFE-267 Rackspace server create with networks

  • KNIFE-271 Enable winrm authentication on knife-rackspace

  • KNIFE-281 pass https_proxy and http_proxy setting onto fog; added ssl_verify_peer setting to disable certificate validation

  • KNIFE-282 Add the ability to inject files on server creation

  • KNIFE-289 Add Integration Tests

  • KNOWN ISSUES: KNIFE-296 knife-windows overrides -x option with winrm-user


  • bump release to fix permission issues inside the gem


  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-39 support for Rackspace Open Cloud (v2)
  • server list puts the name in second column
  • flavor list supports VCPUs for v2
  • server delete for v2 will attempt the name when purging since we set the name
  • docs updated to reflect all of the regions and APIs supported


  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-36 Changed to code to use IP address for bootstrapping
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-38 Support the -P --purge option
  • Refactored to use msg_pair method like other knife plugins with eye on eventual base class.
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-29 Support private network to connect to for bootstrap
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-40 Support for disabling host key checking
  • Added the 'unknown' state to rackspace server list, appeared transitory


  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-25 version bump to match knife-ec2's dependencies
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-33 chef-full is new default
  • updated authors
  • Fix of small typo "backspace" > "rackspace".
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-31 chef dependency needed, add explicit gem deps
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-7 switch to uneven_columns_across for prettier output
  • updated for rackspace_api_username and the correct current image number for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • KNIFE-RACKSPACE-26 fog doesn't provide cores enumeration anymore
  • updated copyright and removed trailing comma
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-30 Make use of --json-attributes option for knife bootstrap.


  • remove dependency on net-ssh and net-ssh-multi..neither is access directly in plugin
  • KNIFE_RACKSPACE-18: Increase net-ssh-multi dependecy to 1.1.0