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Ohai Changelog


  • Shahul Khajamohideen:
    • Fixes Windows :CPU plugin inconsistencies with other platforms: modifies cpu[:total] to return total number of logical processors, adds cpu[:cores] to return total number of cores.
  • clewis:
    • Don't constrain the width of ps output.
  • George Gensure:
    • Prevents invalid memory access on subsequent failed calls to proc_state on sigar by throwing exception on returned invalid PID.
  • Make collected zfs filesystem properties configurable on solaris2.

Release 8.7.0

  • Fix behavior when abort called from plug-in (Ohai should exit with error code)
  • Shahul Khajamohideen: Add total cores to linux cpu plugin

Release 8.6.0

  • Phil Dibowitz:
    • Provide a new and improved filesystem plugin for Linux & Mac (filesystem2), to support CentOS7, multiple virtual filesystems, etc.
    • Fix Darwin filesystem plugin on newer MacOSX
  • Jonathan Amiez:
    • Linux filesystems plugin report wrong fs-type for logical volumes
  • involucelate
    • Fix Windows 2008 hostname truncation #554
  • Pavel Yudin:
    • Detect Parallels host and guest virtualization
  • Claire McQuin:
    • Deprecate Ohai::Config in favor of Ohai::Config.ohai.
    • Load a configuration file while running as an application.
  • PR #597:
    • Correct platform, platform_family and version detection on Cisco's Nexus platforms.
  • cmluciano:
    • add vmware plugin
  • Jean Baptiste Favre:
    • Detect updated docker cgroup format
  • Shahul Khajamohideen:
    • Fix memory plugin output on Solaris
    • Add swap space attributes for Solaris memory plugin
    • Add swap space attributes for AIX
    • Add support for SPARC based processors in Solaris cpu plugin
    • Make AIX cpu plugin's output consistent with Solaris cpu plugin
    • Make AIX, Solaris memory output consistent to Linux
  • Sean Horn:
    • ec2 plugin should handle binary userdata too
  • Alexey Karpik:
    • Add support for SoftLayer cloud
  • MichaelSp:
    • return correct ipaddress for openvz guests
  • Anthony Caiafa:
    • Only run ifconfig against active interfaces
  • Shahul Khajamohideen and Sean Escriva:
    • Windows Memory plugin
  • Chris Chambers:
    • Convert Solaris OHAI CPU detection to kstat from psrinfo

Release 8.5.0

  • PR #548: Coerce non-UTF8 strings to UTF8 in output to suppress UTF8 encoding exceptions
  • PR #544 add support for Wind River Linux and Cisco's Nexus platforms

Release 8.4.0

  • Correctly skip unwanted DMI information
  • Collect DMI information on Solaris/x86

Release 8.3.0

  • Jeremy Mauro: Removing trailing space and '\r' for windows #474
  • Tim Smith: Ensure Gentoo based Linuxen get IP information
  • PR #534 Ignore OEM logo on Windows

Release 8.2.0

  • Michael Glenney Remove redundant if statement

  • Remove CloudStack support due to GPL licensed library

Release 8.1.1

  • Fix broken DigitalOcean plugin

Release 8.1.0

Release 8.0.0

  • sawanoboly Retrieve OpenStack-specific metadata.
  • Olle Lundberg Add CloudStack support.
  • Tim Smith Remove newlines in CPU strings on Darwin.
  • Nathan Huff Match zpool output for OmniOS 151006.
  • Pavel Yudin Add Parallels Cloud Server (PCS) platform support.
  • Christian Vozar: Add Go language plugin.
  • Phil Dibowitz: regression: qualify device names from lsblk
  • Chris Read: Add support for ip version ss131122.
  • carck: Reduce GCE metadata timeout to 6 seconds.
  • barnabear: Add Pidora platform detection.
  • Ben Carpenter: Presume 'latest' API version on 404 from Eucalyptus metadata server.
  • Nabeel Shahzad: Look for any number of spaces between the VxID and the value.
  • Daniel Searles: Removed * and fixed the DNS resolution on Rackspace hosts.

  • Update specs to use RSpec 3 syntax

  • Update mixlib-shellout pin to ~> 2.x

Release 7.6.0

  • This release was yanked due to mixlib-shellout 1.x/2.x issues

Release 7.4.0

  • Added Powershell plugin.

Release 7.2.4

Release 7.2.2

Release: 7.2.0

  • Lance Bragstad: Added platform_family support for ibm_powerkvm (OHAI-558)
  • Pierre Carrier: EC2 metadata errors are unhelpful (OHAI-566)
  • Elan Ruusamäe: Support deep virtualization systems in node[:virtualization][:systems] (OHAI-182)
  • Sean Walberg: :Passwd plugin now ignores duplicate users. (OHAI-561)
  • Joe Richards: Fix warning message about constants already defined (OHAI-572)
  • Tim Smith: Present all CPU flags on FreeBSD (OHAI-568)
  • Tim Smith: Ohai doesn't detect all KVM processor types as KVM on FreeBSD (OHAI-575)
  • Tim Smith: Ohai should expose mdadm raid information on Linux systems (OHAI-578)
  • Cam Cope: relax regex to match newer Oracle Solaris releases (OHAI-563)
  • Vasiliy Tolstov: add exherbo support (OHAI-570)
  • jasonpgignac Add inode information to the Linux Filesystem plugin. (OHAI-539)
  • Benedikt Böhm Change log-level from warn to debug for missing gateway IPs.
  • sawanoboly Include Joyent SmartOS specific attributes in Ohai. (OHAI-458)
  • Mike Fiedler Collect ec2 metadata even if one of the resources returns a 404. (OHAI-541)
  • Pat Collins Provide basic memory information for Mac OS X. (OHAI-431)
  • Jerry Chen: Rackspace plugin rescues Errno::ENOENT if xenstor-* utils are not found (OHAI-587)

  • root_group provider not implemented for Windows (OHAI-491)

  • Ohai::Exceptions::AttributeNotFound errors in Chef's ohai resource
  • Be reluctant to call something an LXC host (OHAI-573)
  • Assume 'latest' metadata versions on 404

Release: 7.0.4

  • Added platform_family support for ibm_powerkvm (OHAI-558)
  • cannot disable Lsb plugin (OHAI-565)
  • Skip v7 plugins when refreshing a v6 plugin. Fixes (OHAI-562) Ohai::Exceptions::AttributeNotFound errors in Chef's ohai resource
  • Work around libc bug in hostname --fqdn
  • Report Suse and OpenSuse separately in the :platform attribute.
  • CPU information matching Linux is now available on Darwin.
  • ip6address detection failure logging is turned down to :debug.
  • fe80:: link-local address is not reported as ip6addresses anymore.
  • Private network information is now available as [:rackspace][:private_networks] on Rackspace nodes.
  • System init mechanism is now reported at [:init_package] on Linux.
  • Define cloud plugin interface (OHAI-542)
  • java -version wastes memory (OHAI-550)
  • Ohai cannot detect running in an lxc container (OHAI-551)
  • Normalize cloud attributes for Azure (OHAI-554)
  • Capture FreeBSD osreldate for comparison purposes (OHAI-557)

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