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Commits on Mar 04, 2009
James Gartrell Adding support for windows f2989cb
James Gartrell Adding support for windows 09897bf
James Gartrell Fixing copyrights df8f21c
James Gartrell Porting erlang plugin to run command. Removing some unused comments e6e729f
James Gartrell kernel["machine"] now displays good information f29139d
James Gartrell Windows_NT, win32 subsystem is now considered the windows platform. A…
…lso removed some unecessary comments.
James Gartrell Adding kernel[:os_info] and kernel[:cs_info] 46d8ac3
James Gartrell Remapping kernel specifics to use pre-created structure to supply val…
…ues instead of directly using the WMI methods.
James Gartrell Misc formatting cleanup 4483b8e
James Gartrell Added comments to clarify the choice of "windows" as the platform and…
… OS for Windows_NT family
James Gartrell Fix error in rebase conflict resolution 5a5cf5d
James Gartrell Make sure we dont try to access a nil array element b61358f
James Gartrell Should use platform as the determinate df9667d
James Gartrell Add dependency on platform plugin for erlang 9b73a97
James Gartrell Erlang plugin now uses run_command, also try to validate output from …
…command so we dont access a nil array element. Coercing nil to string for Java and Python plugins to ensure that split works in all cases.
James Gartrell Fix typo in Erlang plugin a1f2b87
James Gartrell Revert unnecessary coersion 1d26f1f
James Gartrell Remove redundant if statement 93b5066
James Gartrell Use wmi_underscore because it is more descriptive ba4e4dc
James Gartrell Remove commented out code b00b348
James Gartrell Added comments to wmi_underscore method 739366c
James Gartrell Fixed typo in python.rb a4d5a59
Commits on Mar 05, 2009
James Gartrell Adding filesystem plugin for windows 2472e29
Commits on Mar 06, 2009
@adamhjk adamhjk adding systmeu as a dependency d39e61a
@adamhjk adamhjk Merge branch 'master' into jgartrel/master

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