OC-8704: OC-9106: AIX patches for Ohai platform detection #175

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danielsdeleo and others added some commits Oct 24, 2012
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo [OHAI-412] Split Ohai::System responsibilites into 2 classes 5d968eb
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo [OHAI-412] fix uptime plugins for seconds_to_human change
Previously there was a _seconds_to_human method defined by the top level
uptime plugin, but this was moved to a mixin and the leading underscore
removed from the method name.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo [OHAI-412] fix missing stubs in darwin kernel spec
Some popen commands weren't being stubbed so the tests fail on windows.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo [OHAI-412] fix missing stub in linux kernel plugin
Was causing spec failures on windows
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Revert "Merge branch 'OHAI-489'"
This reverts commit 3d669f4, reversing
changes made to d338698.

Commit 4286efe is a "hotfix" for
OHAI-489. The upcoming patch for OHAI-412 will introduce a structural
fix for the root cause of OHAI-489, making the hotfix unnecessary.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Update new specs for plugin class split
Rebased from 3967b5a to
d338698. Fix tests added in the interim
to correctly setup Ohai::System and plugin classes.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Fix ruby warnings Config => RbConfig
Fixes warnings like:
  spec/unit/plugins/ruby_spec.rb:44:in `block in <top (required)>': Use
  RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.

RbConfig is available at least as far back as 1.8.7.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo OHAI-412: fix provides collection w/ plugin objects 50c12dc
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo OHAI-412 allow attribute access via System objects d0ddff9
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Configure bundler for HTTPS 76de215
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Replace all calls to `stub!` with `stub`
`stub!` is deprecated as of RSpec 2.14.x.
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo replace all calls to `mock` with `double`
`mock` is deprecated in RSpec 2.14.x
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Replace deprecated should_receive(:m).any_number_of_times
In Rspec 2.14.x, `should_receive(:m).any_number_of_times` is deprecated
and should be replaced with just `stub(:m)`
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo include chef as a dev dependency
Otherwise the chef plugin does not run when tests are run with `bundle
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo update chef plugin tests for system/plugin split
Appears to have been broken in rebase
@jtimberman jtimberman [WIP] - converting sigar -> AIX commands 9649a1b
@danielsdeleo danielsdeleo Disable root_group on Windows
Fixes OHAI-490: http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/OHAI-490

Implementation of root_group for windows has been found to have poor
performance when the host is joined to an AD domain. Opting to disable
on Windows since large changes will be required for a performant
kaustubh-d implement network plugin for aix. 25ebdd1
kaustubh-d minor code style fix. 6a0d1f1
kaustubh-d aix uptime lookup is similar to solaris one. b06225b
kaustubh-d fix regex for interface info. 4701461
@deepalijagtap deepalijagtap AIX plugin for filesystem 57b509a
kaustubh-d fix aix uptime. f608c9c
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Unit test for Aix plugin uptime. 117e002
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Refactored Aix uptime unit tests. 8891085
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Fixed few bugs while unit testing. cc910c3
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Added unit tests for AIX filesystem and network plugins along with a …
…minor fix.
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Added missing tests for netstat -nrf inet6. ba5d01c
@prabhu-das prabhu-das ohai plugins hostname and platform specs. 52415bb
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Unit tests for cpu, kernel and platform plugins of AIX. 176c36e
@prabhu-das prabhu-das Fixed the uptime test-case that was failing in jenkins due to missing…
… stubbing of DateTime.
@adamedx adamedx merged commit f1dd92a into 6-stable Aug 20, 2013

1 check passed

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@adamedx adamedx deleted the adamed-oc-9106 branch Aug 20, 2013
@adamedx adamedx added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 23, 2013
@adamedx adamedx Revert "Merge pull request #175 from opscode/adamed-oc-9106"
This reverts commit f1dd92a, reversing
changes made to dfe0051. This commit unintentionally pulled in changes from the master branch.
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