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maoe commented Dec 10, 2013

ohai cannot detect KVM guests if KVM/QEMU is running with -cpu option. Even if so, we still can detect them by searching for "Booting paravirtualized kernel on KVM" in dmesg output.


btm commented May 6, 2014

@maoe Thanks for the contribution, sorry we didn't get back to you earlier. We need a couple thinks like a CLA and prefer using JIRA tickets to track the status of contributions so we know when there's a patch for us to review. Please take a look here:

In this case I presume you're passing a -cpu option to KVM so it's showing a normal Pentium output in the DMI information. I found a list here:

The kernel message buffer displayed by dmesg has a limited size (e.g. 16k) and will wrap when filled, so it's possible this method will stop working if something gets noisy and prints to the buffer. It would be nice to find another method besides DMI that wasn't vulnerable to this.

We would need a unit test for this patch as well.

The cpuid method used in virt-what would be useful, if we could find a way to access that memory in ruby.;a=blob;;h=fb399becca48a38ad3b405a749895ad1f48b3276;hb=HEAD#l232;a=blob;f=virt-what-cpuid-helper.c;h=7812545d2647c7781e644aa717cafd04338a2e9e;hb=HEAD


sersut commented May 21, 2014

Let us know if you need any help with this @maoe.

maoe commented May 22, 2014

@btm @sersut Thanks for reviewing the patch. Unfortunately I may not have time to improve it anytime soon, but I'll let you know when I get there.

@sersut sersut removed the Attack List label Jun 25, 2014

imbriaco commented Jul 6, 2014

This might be a better heuristic:

# dmidecode -s system-manufacturer

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lamont-granquist commented Jan 28, 2015

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franklouwers commented Jul 14, 2015

elsif node.deep_fetch('dmi', 'system', 'manufacturer') == 'QEMU'
virt = 'kvm'

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