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chrisroberts and others added some commits Apr 17, 2013

Reset the plugin information when all_plugins is called consecutively…
… in order to pick up any changes to the plugins that happened in the meantime.

This is needed for ohai resource of Chef which calls all_plugins during :reload action.
avoid monkeypatching the encaps_lookup() method
the windows definition of #encaps_lookup() was winning, either through
accident or through alphabetical sort order.

long term we may want better isolation between different files that
are defining a plugin.
Find the plugins for the first parent for a given attribute in CLI if…
… there are no plugins that provide any of the subattributes.
Fix OpenStack plugin for v7 changes, add tests
OpenStack plugin was not correctly resolving constants set in ec2 mixin
because of block scoping issues when defining classes with blocks.
Reference constants by full namespace to resolve it.

Also add unit tests based on data gathered from this plugin on ohai
OHAI-525: reverting part of OHAI-525
dmidecode isn't necessarily installed by default (fedora 20), while
the existing /proc/modules detection works fine.  i don't see why we
only need one mechanism, so try both and use which one works.
support for rackspace networking
rebased previous authors patch
added unit tests

👍 this looks good now


paulczar commented Jan 27, 2014

abandoned for this - opscode#284

@paulczar paulczar closed this Jan 27, 2014

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