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terceiro commented Feb 9, 2012


These changes will help Debian packaging. Please consider applying them to the official tree so that they get included in the next release.

(I've just finished signing the CLA).

terceiro added some commits Feb 9, 2012
@terceiro terceiro Obtain Ruby plugin test data from system ruby
This fixes the tests for the case where `ruby` is not the same
Ruby interpreter as the one you are running the tests against. For
example, the `ruby` in yout $PATH might be Ruby 1.8, but you are running
the tests under Ruby 1.9 (or vice-versa).
@terceiro terceiro Simplify loading logic in main program
If ohai was installed by Rubygems, it doesn't need to call `require
'rubygems'` because the bin stub created by Rubygems will do that

Also, only add the local lib/ directory to the $LOAD_PATH if ohai is
actually being run from a source checkout.
btm commented Feb 9, 2012

Anthony, I'm quite interested in helping here. Can you file a ticket at against the Ohai project that details the reasons for the changes a little? I'm mobile right now and I will look over the diff later tonight.


I tried to write informative commit messages that explain the reasons for the changes, so as far as I can tell the commits are self informative.

OHAI ticket:

btm commented Feb 10, 2012

Thanks! I knew I'd have to go back and reference other tickets so I wanted to be sure we got into the bug tracker there. Because I was mobile, I couldn't really look at the pull request but figured I could start responding right away. I'll keep following up on the ticket.


2 years old

  • the RbConfig fixes already went into ohai
  • this patch implicitly drops support for ruby 1.8.7 (require 'rubygems' stuff) and we still support that so can't be merged
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