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My OVH server is detected as a server from rackspace.
As rackspace servers have 2 network interfaces. It seems a good fix to check wether eth1 exists.

@Pticed Pticed Fixed false identification of rackspace. An OVH server is identified …
…as rackspace but it doesn't have an eth1 network interface.
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Could you please file a bug at and answer these questions?

What is OVH?
What is the MAC address of eth0?
What is the MAC address of the gateway?

For the later, check your ARP tables.



OVH is a hosting/server provider like rackspace (
The MAC address of eth0 is 00:1c:c0:ec:d7:f0.
The MAC address of the gateway is 00:00:0c:07:ac:01 (that's why it is detected as Rackspace).
But as my server does not have the network interface eth1, the rackspace plugin fails in get_ip_address(:private_ip, :eth1) and the rackspace object is empty. This makes mysql::server recipe fail as it uses the attribute cloud["local_ipv4"] that is nil.


The JIRA is OHAI-387.

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btm commented May 6, 2014

This was fixed by #152

@btm btm closed this May 6, 2014
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