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v5.6.1 (June 22, 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • S3 cache: fix bug using access_key_id/secret_access_key (#786)

v5.6.0 (June 20, 2017)

New Features

  • Add AWS Shared Credentials support.(#781)
  • Add option to build command to populate S3 cache. (#781)
  • Add strip BuildCommand. (#775)
  • Add support for building against omnibus-toolchain on Windows. (#759)
  • Don't require build user to have a configured Git identity (#758)
  • Added endpoint and S3 transfer acceleration as config options (#736)
  • Only checkout from git_cache once (#747)
  • IPS: Add version-lock facet at end of manifest (#745)
  • Alpine Linux Support (#744)
  • Add fips_mode flags (#742)
  • SmartOS pkgsrc support (#733)
  • Make DEB and RPM compression configurable (#738)
  • Check for the transitive dependency licensing errors during post_build. (#729)
  • Enable gcc 4.8 on suse/sles if available (#720)
  • Allow manually specify transitive dependency license information (#712)

Bug Fixes

  • Various bugfixes for APPX support. (#752, #759)
  • Expose overrides. (#780)
  • Fixed documentation links and table in README (#769, #778)
  • Fixed Travis CI Label (#777)
  • git_cache fixes: Use .join on git commands lines to avoid mangle and set core.ingorecase=false (#768)
  • Ignore paths with braces in the BFF packager. (#771)
  • Switch from single to double quotes in git config. (#767)
  • Fixed Windows globbing. (#766)
  • Update pedump to latest released. (#714)
  • Retry git network operations by default (#753)
  • Fix guard for non-caching projects (#751)
  • DMG bug fixes (#748)
  • IPS Package fixes (#718, #728, #740)
  • Artifactory publisher fixes/improvements (#725)
  • Do not autoload fetcher to avoid eace condition (#715)

v5.5.0 (August 16, 2016)

New Features

  • Add build timings to the local output (#669)
  • Add appx packager (#675, #676, #677)
  • fatal_licensing_warnings configuration to fail the build when there are licensing problems (#678)
  • Ensure consistent code style using Chefstyle \o/ (#681)
  • Drop Ruby 2.0 support (#697)
  • Remove fakeroot from RPM packager (#698)
  • Support license collection with git cache (#700)
  • Add SERIAL_NUMBER to omnibus code, which is used in git caching to invalidate caches when omnibus code changes require it to be invalidated (#704)
  • Support license collection of transitive dependencies (via license_scout gem) (#705)
  • Add skip_transitive_dependency_licensing dsl method to Software. Use this when the software does not use any dependency manager. (#705)

Bug Fixes

  • Make license files readable inside the packages (#673)
  • Prefer server marketing names on windows (#679)
  • Instead of exe, use bat if present on windows (#684)
  • Fix changelog generation with symbolized keys (#687)

v5.4.0 (April 18, 2016)

New Features

  • Include license and version manifest in generated *.metadata.json (#656)
  • Deprecate the --version-manifest on omnibus publish (#656)
  • Create Solaris IPS package (#654)
  • Use symbolized keys for all Manifest hashes (#657)
  • Publish a package’s *.metadata.json to Artifactory (#664)
  • Add the build’s LICENSE content to *.metadata.json (#664)

Bug Fixes

  • Add proper support for loading v2 manifests (#657)
  • Replacing the use of JSON gem with FFI_yajl (#661)

v5.3.0 (March 25, 2016)

New Features

  • Get correct architecture name for Debian environments from dpkg (#646)
  • Update fauxhai to latest (#652)
  • Use project.license in deb and rpm packagers if available (#653)
  • Whitelist additional Solaris11 libraries (#650)
  • Use gcc 4.9 on freebsd (#649)
  • Per-Platform manifest generation (#645)
    • Support omnibus manifest arguments: omnibus manifest --os=OS --platform-family=FAMILY --platform=PLATFORM --platform-version=VERSION
    • Can be used to generate manifests for other platforms than the one you are on, allowing a multi-platform build to be quickly set up.
    • Affects chef-sugar's windows?, solaris? and similar functions, which are used by software in omnibus-software
  • Performance: Ignore non-libraries in health checks (#642)
  • Add github source (#643)
  • Add suse support (#647)
  • Exclude files with whitespace names from AIX packages (#641)
  • Fix compilation problems on Windows (#640)
    • Disable sse to avoid compilation segfaults
    • Don't change newlines when git pulling
  • Warn when software licenses are missing for software components (#638)
  • Add Chef MLSA to the list of recognized licenses (#639)
  • Download remote license files into the LICENSES directory (#637)

v5.2.0 (March 15, 2016)

New Features

  • License reporting (#635):

    • Add license & license_file DSL methods to software.
      • license (String): Sets the license of the software component.
      • license_file (String): The relative path or the url of the license file of the software to be included in "LICENSES" directory.
        • Can be used multiple times.
        • You can use :project_license as a special value if the software is build related code and if it is using project's license.
    • Add license, license_file and license_file_path DSL methods to project.
      • license (String): Sets the license of the project.
      • license_file (String): The relative path or the url of the license file of the project to be included in the file that will be created at project.license_file_path.
      • license_file_path (String): The relative path of the main license file that will be created for the project. Default: "LICENSE".

    With this omnibus will:

    1. Collect all the license files specified in software components into install_dir/LICENSES directory.
    2. Create a license file at install_dir/LICENSE which will contain license of the project and license information for all the software components that are being included.
  • Ability to change dist_tag in RPM packager. (#634)

  • Ability to update submodules during git checkout. (#603)

v5.1.0 (March 10, 2016)

New Features

  • New configure dsl method. (#572)
  • New maintainer dsl method. (#618)
  • New update_config_guess dsl method. (#632)
  • Ability to enable building software components from source on windows. (#572, #583, #584, #586, #612)

Bug Fixes

  • Default to UTF-8 external encoding globally. (#573)
  • Restore invalid file names on AIX. (#575)
  • Fix bff log loop. (#579)
  • Use 7z.exe instead of tar.exe on windows. (#578)
  • Make generated package scripts old-school Unix friendly. (#582)
  • Fix directory cleanup logic in git_fetcher. (#509)
  • Use -O2 when building with standard compiler flags. (#591)
  • Cache software sources under .../src/<software name>/<package>. (#597)
  • Add* to freebsd whitelist. (#600)
  • Remove existing links in the destination when syncing files. (#602)
  • Skip adding DEBIAN directory to md5sums file. (#595)
  • Autoprunes files with spaces on Solaris. (#609)
  • Allow assets with non-md5 checksums to be cached in s3. (#611)
  • Print NetFetcher retries at the info level. (#614)
  • Do not modify CRLF when git caching. (#616)
  • Ensure we always swap chown back to default. (#617)

v5.0.0 (November 10, 2015)

New Features

  • Wind River Linux 5 support for Cisco Nexus devices (#539)
  • [artifactory publisher] Support custom properties in Artifactory publishing (#568)
  • [msi packager] New "fast" mode for MSI packager (#565)
  • Change the appbundler DSL method to not make an apps dir
  • Unit and functional tests now run on Windows (and are tested by Appveyor) (#556, #557)

Bug Fixes

  • [msi packager] Fix missing package name in signature (#541)
  • [rpm packager] Fix building RPMs on ARM platforms (#542)
  • [bff packager] Fix regression with AIX package ownership in staging directory (#553)
  • [solaris packager] Use the proper architecture value in Solaris packages (#554, #555)
  • Add info message for publish cli corner case (#551)
  • [net fetcher] missing checksum raises exception (#549)

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Dropped Ruby 1.9.x support (#567)

v4.1.0 (September 1, 2015)

New Features

  • Allow semver prefixes that start with "v"
  • Reset target_shasum in PathFetcher after every fetch, preventing erroneous GitCache misses for builds that produced local artifacts during the previous omnibus run.
  • Allow users to specify options to the underlying FileSyncer in a Software definition
  • Add CPPFLAGS in with_standard_compiler_flags
  • Add a Fedora dist tag to package name and spec release
  • Copy distribution.xml.erb also when creating project with --pkg-assets
  • Manage version manifests with Omnibus. Omnibus now creates a version manifest in text and JSON.
  • Retry failed downloads
  • Support inclusion of email address in Wix template
  • Allow solaris to use mapfiles
  • A new omnibus generate changelog command generates an opinionated CHANGELOG entry based on metadata in commit messages.
  • Add warnings on empty globs.
  • Raspberry Pi 2 support
  • Clone git repositories with --recursive flag
  • Add ability to sign MSIs
  • Support running Omnibus with 64-bit ruby on Windows
  • Create an Artifactory build for published packages
  • Add a "windows_arch" omnibus option to choose 32/64 bit builds.
  • Set directory ownership/permissions to match the filesystem package.
  • Allow Windows 10 builders
  • Allow omnibus to build "bundled" Windows installers
  • Set perms on control files per Ubuntu Software Center's lintian checks.
  • Replace uber-s3 dependency with aws-sdk

Bug Fixes

  • Config.append_timestamp is now properly handled by the build_version DSL. For some users, this may introduce a change in behavior. To revert to the old behavior set append_timestamp to false in omnibus.rb or use --override append_timestamp:false at the command line.
  • Do not memoize current_revision to avoid returning incorrect data. Memoizing current_revision was previously causing version_for_cache to return the pre-fetch revision of the software, leading us to erroneously restore an older revision from the cache.
  • Clean up "files listed twice" warnings. This should allow signing RPMs on EL 7
  • dpkg uses arch name ppc64el (instead of ppc64le) for little endian
  • Override equality operator for ManifestEntry. Prior to this, we simply tested basic object identity, which would result in many "updated" dependencies
  • Correctly determine git repository when running in a subdirectory
  • Forcibly remove a non-empty project dir before cloning because if multiple projects are using the same maching for building, they might have two different software definitions that share the same name but a different source.
  • Accomidate hardlinks properly
  • When building spec file, handle path names that contain spaces
  • Add libkvm and libprocstat to freebsd whitelist
  • Properly render ERB templates that do not have variables
  • Change git fetcher to correctly fetch when repo name is the same but branch/version is different.

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • now raises Omnibus::InvalidVersion instead of Omnibus::SemanticVersion::InvalidVersion
  • Cache Builder#shasum before Builder#build to ensure consistent result.
  • Update chef-sugar to 3.0 which adds ppc64le support.
  • The MSI packager now adds the architecture to the msi name. The file names go from package_name-build_version-build_iteration to package_name-build_version-build_iteration-arch.

v4.0.0 (December 15, 2014)

New Features

  • Implement packager-specific DSLs. Packagers now define their own custom methods that may be configured using the package block in a project file. For more information, please see the README or any of the embedded "Building on X" documents.
  • Use vendored assets. In previous versions of Omnibus, the generator would create resource assets for DMG, PKG, and MSI packages, regardless of whether you intended to build those packages. This could cause repo bloat and information overload. In Omnibus 4, the default generator does not create these assets, and instead prefers "general" vendored assets. If you are planning to make a resource-intensive package (such as a PKG or MSI), it is encouraged you generate these assets by specifing the --pkg-assets flag during project generation. Omnibus will prefer local resources in the resources/ directory and then fall-back to "sane" defaults which are vendored within Omnibus.
  • Refactored packagers and remove FPM. Omnibus now builds all packages using Ruby and system tooling. This provides a speed improvement and added control over the way packages are built, while simplifying the DSL.
  • Refactored fetcher objects that include performance enhancements and better cachability across platforms.
  • Added Omnibus.which to search ENV['PATH'] for the given executable. This is used internally in Omnibus but is also available inside software definitions.
  • Lazy load project and software definitions. In previous versions of Omnibus, Omnibus would load all software files found on disk. Omnibus 4 will selectively load softwares from the most preferred location.
  • Expand project and software searching. Omnibus 4 now allows a user to specify a list of local software repos and software gems. Omnibus 4 will search the local repository (config/software), then any local file system specified software repos, then any loaded gems. These search paths and gems can be specified in the Omnibus config.
  • Extracted template rendering into a helper module. Omnibus now renders templates from this single method, so you always have the same ERB expectations.
  • Added many new DSL methods for packagers, builders, project, and software. Please see the DSL Changes below for detailed information.
  • Extracted FileSyncer into a top-level class with added test coverage.
  • Builder DSL method erb will search all configured software repos for the template, following the previously described specificity search.
  • Builder DSL method patch will search all configured software repos for the patch file, following the previously described specificity search.
  • Standardize on a single way for loading projects from disk - Project.load. This method is part of the public API and can be used with Omnibus as a library for loading a project from preferred paths on disk.
  • Standardize on a single way for loading software from disk - Software.load. This method is part of the public API and can be used with Omnibus as a library for loading a software from preferred paths on disk.
  • Added all-new compressor scaffolding and skeleton. Previously, a DMG was considered a "packager", but it is actually a compressor. You can read more about the compressor syntax in the Omnibus 4 release notes or the Omnibus README.
  • Added a TGZ compressor for post-processing larger packagers into tarballs.
  • Use Ruby's native open-uri in the NetFetcher. This permits users to specify http, https, or ftp URLs.
  • Include hidden files and folders when calculating a directory digest.
  • Use the relative path of a file when calculating a directory digest.
  • Create required directories "as-needed" rather than at the start of a run. This prevents Omnibus from creating a ton of random directories on disk before the build even begins.
  • Use an Ruby implmentation that behaves like rsync for PathFetcher objects. This removes the implicit dependency on rsync/rubocopy on build systems.
  • Add support for Ubuntu 14.04 in the build lab
  • Centralize the algorithm for determining the packager for the current system.
  • Enhance the Util module to include FileSystem methods like create_directory.
  • Always build packages in a temporary, staging directory and then copy the generated asset(s) back into Config.package_dir.
  • Add sanity checking around package name generation (e.g. removing specical characters) and issue a warning when package names might contain invalid characters.
  • Rewrite AIX BFF packager from scratch.
  • Rewrite Debian/Ubuntu DEB packager from scratch using dpkg-deb.
  • Rewrite Other Makeself packager from scratch using more in-memory operations (instead of filesystem).
  • Rewrite Windows MSI packager from scratch and use more flexible default XML templates.
  • Support installing an MSI package into more than one directory deep (e.g. C:\Program Files\Chef Software\Chef).
  • Rewrite OS X PKG packager from scratch with templates instead of heredocs for XML/PLists.
  • Rewrite RedHat/CentOS RPM packager from scratch to use custom spec files and rpmbuild.
  • Rewrite Solaris Solaris packager. This packager is still in need of a major overhaul.
  • Allow DSL authors to specify a URL may be downloaded using :unsafe redirects from HTTPS -> HTTP.
  • Added a real functional test suite that runs on Travis CI for the Build DSL
  • Improved test coverage by 280%.
  • Treat all files as binary. This solves a number of strange encoding issues you may have been experiencing.
  • Prevent Ruby from automatically ungzipping responses.
  • Added Config.workers key for specifying the maximum number of parallel events to take place.
  • Added parallel downloads for fetcher objects.
  • Use fakeroot for building DEBs and RPMs.
  • Raspberry Pi platform support (Raspian, Pidora).
  • Retry uploads to Artifactory on publish failures.

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Remove embedded functional tests. Because the functional tests were skipped on CI (and require a system of each type to properly execute), they have been removed. Chef has created the omnibus-harmony pipeline to perform true integration testing using the in-house CI cluster. If you were relying on the integration tests (or the associated Rake tasks), they have been removed.
  • Move vendored makeself and makeself-header script from bin/ to resources/ folder. Having the makeself script inside bin/ would cause makeself to be bundled with the gem and added to $PATH. If you were previously relying on Omnibus adding makeself to your $PATH, this will no longer happen.
  • Cleanroom now subclasses Object instead of Omnibus. This could have unintended side-effects if you were accessing Omnibus internals (like Config) inside software or project DSL methods. You must now specify the entire namespace (e.g. Omnibus::Config).
  • Builder filesystem DSL methods change directory into Software#project_dir before executing.
  • Builder filesystem DSL methods now accept paths or globs.
  • Packagers attempt to ignore SCM-based files during packaging.
  • Move internal cleanroom implementation into a cleanroom standalone-gem. If you were relying or invoking Omnibus::Cleanroom, please see the gem documentation.
  • Omnibus.process_configuration has been removed. This method was actually a noop and entirely unused. If you are using Omnibus as a library, this method does not need to be invoked and the call can safely be removed.
  • Remove Config.fetch and Config[:key]. You should use Config.thing instead.
  • Standardize errors on MissingRequiredAttribute. In previous versions of Omnibus, you would get a different error depending on where a required attribute was missing. In Config, Omnibus would raise MissingConfigOption, in project, Omnibus would raise MissingProjectConfiguration and in software, Omnibus would raise MissingSoftwareConfiguration. All these error classes have been removed and standardized on MissingRequiredAttribute.
  • Remove many unused error classes.
  • Remove all implementations of ErrorReporter classes. These classes attempted to read the output of a stacktrace and intelligently display information to the user about the failure. However, these classes proved to hide errors or provide false information more than they were helpful.
  • Raise NotImplementedError (Ruby core) instead of AbstractMethod or AbstractFunction (Omnibus) errors when a method should be overridden by the child class.
  • Refactor GitFetcher, removing retries and complex error handling. If a git command fails, you will see the error from git instead of an Omnibus-translated error.
  • Raise a ChecksumMismatch exception when a provided md5 does not match the downloaded one.
  • When extracting tar archives, prefer gtar over tar when gtar is present.
  • Move Omnibus::Packager::Metadata to Omnibus::Metadata and improve documentation
  • Change the airty of Omnibus::Metadata.generate to accept [1] the path to the package on disk and [2] the project which created the package.
  • Selectively load Ohai plugins. Please note: the Ohai that is loaded with Omnibus includes very minimal system information compared to the Ohai that comes with Chef. If you are expecting the data to be the same, you have been warned!
  • Remove all uses of forwardable delegation.
  • Cache the loading of projects
  • Cache the loading of software
  • When accessing DSL methods for the first time, do not persist the default value onto the instance variable.
  • Bump the required version of Chef Sugar to ~> 2.2 to pick up new smartos? and omnios? matchers.
  • Removed vendor spec fixture data. I do not know why you would be using it, but if you were relying on any of that data, it is now gone and fixtures are constructed manually at test time.
  • Renamed Package::MacPkg to Packager::PKG
  • Renamed Package::MacDmg to Compressor::DMG
  • Truncate SLES and other RedHat derivatives platform version.
  • Refactor logger objects to separate Omnibus internal debugging info with build/compile/configure debugging info.
  • Improve error and debugging output when an exception is raised while shelling out. Failed shell commands will now raise Omnibus::CommandFailed and Omnibus::CommandTimeout instead of the Mixlib::ShellOut exceptions. If you were previously rescuing the Mixlib exceptions, you should switch to the new ones.
  • XL C is now the default compiler on AIX
  • Clang is now the default compiler on FreeBSD 10+
  • Make compilation default -static-libgcc on Solaris
  • Only allow installation on system volume for Mac OS X PKGs.

Definitely Breaking Changes

  • Previously deprecated methods have been removed.
  • Config#package_tmp is no longer used. Dir.mktmpdir is used to generate an operating-system agnostic temporary directory for packagers to operate in.
  • Config#build_dmg is no longer used. If you wish to build a dmg, you must specify a compressor block with the :dmg option.
  • Config#dmg_window_bounds is no longer used. If you wish to specify dmg window bounds, you must specify a compressor block with the :dmg option and specify the window_bounds attribute.
  • Config#dmg_pkg_position is no longer used. If you wish to specify dmg package positioning, you must specify a compressor block with the :dmg option and specify the pkg_position attribute.
  • Config#sign_pkg is no longer used. If you specify a signing identity, it is assumed you want to sign the package.
  • Config#signing_identity is no longer used. If you wish to specify package signing identity, you must specify a package block with the :pkg option and specify the signing_identity attribute.
  • Config#sign_rpm is no longer used. If you specify an rpm signing passphrase, it is assumed you want to sign the package.
  • Config#rpm_signing_passphrase is no longer used. If you wish to specify package signing identity, you must specify a package block with the :rpm option and specify the signing_passphrase attribute.
  • Project#msi_parameters has been removed. If you wish to specify msi parameters, you must specify a package block with the :msi option and specify the parameters attribute.
  • Project#msi_parameters[:upgrade_code] is no longer used! You must specify an upgrade_code in a package block with the :msi option.
  • Remove all instances of NullBuilder. If you were previously invoking a NullBuilder, simply omit a build block.
  • Remove packager validate pre-step
  • Remove packager cleanup post-step
  • Changed the method arity of Software#initialize - this method no longer accepts a list of overrides.
  • Builder#max_build_jobs has been renamed to Builder#workers.


  • Config#package_tmp prints a deprecation. There is no replacement for this method.
  • Config#build_dmg prints a deprecation. You should specify a compressor block with the :dmg option instead.
  • Config#dmg_window_bounds prints a deprecation. You should specify the window_bounds inside compressor :dmg instead.
  • Config#dmg_pkg_position prints a deprecation. You should specify the pkg_position inside compressor :dmg instead.
  • Config#sign_pkg prints a deprecation. If you specify a signing identity, it is assumed you want to sign the package.
  • Config#signing_identity prints a deprecation. You should specify the signing_identity inside package :pkg instead.
  • Config#sign_rpm prints a deprecation. If you specify an rpm signing passphrase, it is assumed you want to sign the package.
  • Config#rpm_signing_passphrase prints a deprecation. You should specify the signing_passphrase inside package :rpm instead.
  • Warn the user when invoking the command method in a build block that should be replaced with a top-level DSL method (like command "rm -rf thing.rb" should be replaced with delete "thing.rb").

Generator Changes

  • The generator (omnibus new NAME) no longer generates assets (MSI, PKG, DMG, etc). If you need those assets, you can specify the --thing-assets (e.g. --msi-assets) flag.
  • The generator does not render ERB files for assets - instead, it just generates the raw ERB files for your modification.
  • Improve the comments in teh generated project Gemfile
  • Put "development" gems in a :development group in the generated project Gemfile for easy exclusion with bundle install --without development.
  • Update generated <project>.rb file to use new APIs
  • Generate a "real" software example (zlib) that showcases many of the new APIs for learning.
  • Always generate an omnibus.rb configuration file with "secret" values specified using ENV.
  • Remove outdated and -example.rb software definitions.

DSL Changes


  • Removed Project#msi_parameters. Please use the packager-specific DSL parameters method instead.
  • Removed Project#msi_parameters[:upgrade_code]. You must specify the upgrade_code packager-specific DSL method instead.
  • Removed Project#package_name. This value is now calculated by Omnibus and you cannot tune it.
  • Removed Project#install_path. Please use Project#install_dir instead.
  • Removed Project#files_path. Please use Project#resources_path instead.
  • Added Project#resources_path. Previously called "files", any Omnibus assets, images, or files are now referred to as "resources". The default value is resources/PROJECT_NAME.
  • Removed Project#replaces. Please use Project#replace and specify a single package. You can specify Package#replace multiple times in the same project.
  • Added Project#replace for specifying which existing package this project replaces.
  • Added Project#default_root that uses /opt on Unix and C:/ on Windows for easy cross-platform path-setting.
  • Added Project#package for customizing a specific packager. This is a sub-DSL that is evaluated on the OS-specific packager. This DSL method may be specified in a file multiple times.
  • Added Project#compress for customizing a specific compressor. This is a sub-DSL that is evaluated on the given compressor. This DSL method may be specified in a file multiple times and Omnibus will select the "best" compressor for the given platform. For example, if both DMG and TGZ compressors are given, Omnibus will prefer DMG on OS X systems and fallback to TGZ on others.
  • Changed Project#package_user to default to root when no value is given.
  • Changed Project#package_group to default to Ohai['root_group'] and then root when no value is given.
  • Removed Project#platform_version. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Project#platform_family. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Project#platform. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Project#machine. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Project#dependencies. List each dependency using dependency instead.
  • Added Project#ohai for quick access to Ohai data.


  • Removed Software#override_version. There is no replacement.
  • Removed Software#install_dir. Please use Software#install_path instead.
  • Removed Software#platform_version. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Software#platform_family. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Software#platform. Use ohai instead.
  • Removed Software#architecture. Use ohai instead or Chef Sugar instead.
  • Added Software#ohai for quick access to Ohai data.
  • Changed Software#downloaded_file to Software#project_file.
  • Removed Software#source_dir. You can use Omnibus::Config.source_dir instead, but if you need access to this method, it is probably a bug in Omnibus.
  • Removed Software#cache_dir. You can use Omnibus::Config.cache_dir instead, but if you need access to this method, it is probably a bug in Omnibus.
  • Removed Software#config. You can use Omnibus::Config instead.


  • Added Builder#make for choosing the correct make binary on the system. When gmake is present, it is preferred. The use of this method also sets the MAKE environment variable for consistency. You should change all instances of command "make ..." to make "..." to ensure true cross-platform building.
  • Added Builder#windows_safe_path for shelling out to the system with the correct path separators.
  • Added Buidler#workers for delegation to the config option.
  • Removed Buidler#max_build_jobs in favor of Builder#workers.
  • Add an Builder#appbundle function to the builder DSL


  • Added Packager::DEB#vendor for specifying the package vendor.
  • Added Packager::DEB#license for specifying the package license.
  • Added Packager::DEB#priority for specifying the package priority.
  • Added Packager::DEB#section for specifying the package section.
  • Added Packager::MSI#upgrade_code for specifying an upgrade code. You must specify this attribute to make MSI packages.
  • Added Packager::MSI#parameters for specifying arbitrary parameters to be read into the Wix XML.
  • Added Packager::MSI#wix_light_extension for activating arbitrary Wix light extentions.
  • Added Packager::MSI#wix_candle_extension for activating arbitrary Wix candle extentions.
  • Added Packager::PKG#identifer for specifying the identifier of the the Mac OS X PKG. This value is still interpreted if one is not given. Note: the Config.mac_pkg_identifier is no longer honored.
  • Added Packager::PKG#signing_passphrase for specifying the signing passphrase. If this value is given, it is assumed you want to sign the package. Note: the Config.sign_rpm and Config.rpm_signing_passphrase is no longer honored.
  • Added Packager::RPM#vendor for specifying the package vendor.
  • Added Packager::RPM#license for specifying the package license.
  • Added Packager::RPM#priority for specifying the package priority.
  • Added Packager::RPM#category for specifying the package category.


  • Drastically improve test coverage around packagers.
  • Improved documentation for Building on OSX.
  • Improved documentation for Building on Windows.
  • Improved documentation for Building on RHEL.
  • Improved documentation for the Builder DSL.
  • Standardized license headers.
  • Added SSH forwarding as part of the default generated .kitchen.yml.
  • Updated Chef version in generated .kitchen.yml.
  • Switch to OpenSSL::Digest which is threadsafe on 2.1.2
  • Ensure final *.dmg name matches actual *.pkg name.
  • Replace dashes (-) with tildes (~) in DEB and RPM versions

v3.2.1 (July 26, 2014)

  • Add support for overriding publish platform/version
  • Expose platform/version override options on omnibus publish
  • Expose the sync method in the builder DSL and fix the broken tests

v3.2.0 (July 23, 2014)

  • Make build commands output during instead of log.debug
  • Refactor Chef Sugar into an includable module, permitting DSL methods in both Software and Project definitions
  • Refactor omnibus release into a non-S3-specific backend "publisher"
  • Add support for specifying a dir glob to the publish command to upload multiple packages
  • "Package" is now a public API
  • Generate a real omnibus configuration file (no more omnibus.rb.example)
  • Add a releaser for Artifactory
  • Add additional information to package metdata (such as shasums)
  • Remove uses of Omnibus.config and use the Config object directly
  • Add the ability to define multiple software_gems in the config
  • Add the ability to define local_software_paths in the config
  • Add the ability to disable git caching in the config
  • Omnibus.load_configuration now requires a file path
  • Add new API for loading a project - Project.load
  • Add new API for loading a software - Software.load
  • Add publish APIs for dirtying the git cache
  • Add test coverage for the "public" API
  • Add validation to source in software DSL
  • Add logging to the Packager class
  • Add functional tests for builders
  • Update generator templates to use the new APIs
  • Upgrade to Ohai 7.2
  • Improve YARDoc


  • Remove deprecated Omnibus.configure method
  • Deprecate Omnibus.config.value in favor of Config.value instead
  • Deprecate Omnibus.project_root in favor of Config.project_root
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform in favor of Ohai['platform']
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform_family in favor of Ohai['platform_family']
  • Deprecate [DSL] platform_version in favor of Ohai['platform_version']
  • Deprecate [DSL] build_dir in favor of Config.build_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] cache_dir in favor of Config.cache_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] source_dir in favor of Config.source_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] config in favor of Config (capitalized)
  • Deprecate Ohai.value in favor of Ohai['value']
  • Deprecate Project#install_path in favor of Project.install_dir
  • Deprecate [DSL] install_path in favor of install_dir
  • Rename Config.install_path_cache_dir to git_cache_dir
  • Fix a bug in the deprecations where a hardcoded output was used instead of a dynamic variable

DSL Changes

  • Add with_embedded_path to software
  • Add with_standard_compiler_flags to software
  • Add package_scripts_path to project
  • Add builder DSL methods for mkdir, touch, delete, copy, move, link, and sync

Bug fixes

  • Fix a small typo in the project generator (come -> some)
  • Update sample software definition for libpng to 1.5.18
  • Improved logging output
  • Include Chef Sugar in both software and project DSLs
  • Documentation updates and typographical fixes
  • Change the generated omnibus.rb to use a default homepage that includes the protocol
  • Ensure that software fetched via the PathFetcher are cached correctly
  • Downgrade FPM to ~> 0.4 - FPM 1.0.0+ uses FFI to attach to some libc functions. This fails on RHEL 5 & 6. As we don’t need a bleeding edge FPM the easiest fix is to just downgrade to the most recent pre-1.0.0 version.
  • Always print backtraces when errors occur
  • Do not sent ldd/otool to the same file - first steps in allowing parallel builds
  • Only rescue Omnibus::Error when invoked through the CLI - this will allow other bugs to actually raise at the Ruby level
  • Refactor the algorithm for git caching to take into account overrides and missing versions
  • Remove nested git directories before incremental caching occurs
  • Intelligently parse the project's homepage because Ruby's native URI implementation is buggy
  • Fetch all software at the start of the build - this fixes a bug where a build would fail halfway through because of a tiny typo of GitHub outage. Now, all required software is downloaded before the build starts, lowering the feedback time for a failure due to networking issues
  • Use the fetcher's version_for_cache method directly, falling back to 0.0.0 (and a warining) if no version is given
  • Require net/http, net/https, and net/ftp in the base fetcher module
  • Use -R, not -W1 on FreeBSD's compile flags
  • Expand all paths relative to the project_root
  • Unset all Ruby, Bundler, amd Gem-related environment variables before shelling out
  • Various documentation fixes and updates

Potentially breaking changes

  • Merged Package and Artifact into the same class and updated API - this was considered an internal API so it is not a violation of semver
  • Use a common class for Omnibus exceptions - if you were rescuing Omnibus::Error, you might be rescuing all exceptions now
  • Use a cleanroom object when evaluating the DSL - prior to this release, Omnibus did not declare a public API. Project and software definitions had unrestricted access to the entire project.rb and software.rb methods respectively. This poses two problems - first, it makes it impossible to guarantee a public DSL API over a public (code) API. Second, it permits a developer to change the behavior of project.rb or software.rb accidentially, simply by defining a new method. The introducing of a cleanroom fixes both these bugs, however, it was impossible to know what was formerly considered a public API. Thus, it is possible that a previously-relied-on method is now unavaiable using the cleanroom. Please open an issue if you encounter such a case.
  • Remove mixlib-config - if you were relying on mixlib-config as a transitive dependency, it is no longer available
  • Remove the ability to use an overrides file - this was for internal use only and was never exposed as a public API. However, if you dug into the code and found it, it has now been removed. For BC purposes, the value still exists in the configuration object, but is essentially a no-op
  • Move project loading from INFO to DEBUG
  • Truncate platforms to short versions
  • All paths are represented internally as Unix-style paths - previously Omnibus would try to intelligently build your paths differently on Windows for the purposes of shelling out to the system. This proved to be unmaintainable and makes Ruby very unhappy in most circumsatances. As such, we have exposed the windows_safe_path method in the Builder DSL that will convert a string to a "Windows-safe path". This is only needed when shelling out to the system.

v3.1.1 (May 20, 2014)

  • Update project generators to use new APIs. The old project generators created a project that issued deprecation warnings!
  • Stream build output to the debug logger. Specifying --log-level debug now includes all the build output as if you had run the command manually.
  • Deprecate the OMNIBUS_APPEND_TIMESTAMP environment variable in favor of the command line flag. This is only a deprecation, but the OMNIBUS_APPEND_TIMESTAMP will be removed in the next major release.
  • Fix a bug in windows_safe_path to always return a string
  • Add a Config.base_dir configuration value for easy tuning
  • Remove the use of Omnibus.root in BuildVersion#initializer. This removes the many deprecation warnings that print on each software load.
  • Output the current command in debug output when shelling out
  • Output the current environment in debug output when shelling out
  • Change the information that is displayed at different log levels with respect to shelling out. In warn mode, Omnibus will only display warnings/deprecations; you will not see any build commands or output. In info mode, Omnibus will display the commands and environment that are being used; you will not see the output from the build (unless it fails). In debug mode, Omnibus will display the commands, environment, and output (livestream) from commands.

v3.1.0 (May 14, 2014)

New Features

  • friendly_name is added to project DSL to be able to configure the name on packagers.
  • resources_path is added to project DSL to be able to specify project specific resource files for packagers.
  • Add the ability to "sign" OSX packages
  • Allow packagers to have project-specific resources
  • MSI packager for windows
  • Added helpers for generating platform-specific paths
  • New build_version DSL
  • All new CLI that uses LazyLoading and a much nicer interface (BC-compat)
  • Create a real logger object - Omnibus now supports --log-level
  • Warn when incorrectly using replaces in a project

Bug fixes

  • Fix Windows bugs in the new git caching feature
  • Use the git sha in the git caching so that the software matches "master"
  • Force the detaching of all disks before building an OSX DMG
  • Remove references to now non-existent Vagrantfile
  • Fix an issue where softwares that are both top-level and transitive dependencies were built in the wrong order (see #140 for more information)
  • Use source when creating software uris and checksums
  • Fix invalid cache operations by ensuring the bucket exists
  • Add tag output git describe to include lightweight tags
  • Remove explicit instance_eval from line 0
  • Remove libz and libgcc_s from the health check whitelist

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Add CoreServices to OSX whitelist for healthcheck
  • Bump the version of the generated Gemfile to Berkshelf ~> 3.0
  • Add test coverage for overridding software source
  • Improved test coverage for Omnibus project/software loading
  • Refactor and updated Thor
  • Add cucumber/aruba for testing the CLI
  • Lazy load Ohai and Mixlib::Config default values
  • Consistent deprecation warnings
  • Updated README badges

v3.0.0 (March 27, 2014)

New Features

  • No more rake! Software definitions are incrementally built and cached using git instead. Software dependency build has been rewritten to leverage git caching. This means compiled software definitions are cached, so future Omnibus project builds are much faster. However, this does introduce some potential breaking changes.

    • Project-level software dependencies are built last.
    • it is assumed that project-level software dependencies are most frequently changed, and thus Omnibus optimize for such a case.
    • If you have software definitions that hard code always_build, you will probably want to turn that off now.
    • Blank directories are not cached. If you would like a blank directory to be cached, add a .gitkeep file to the folder.
    • The build order is compiled in a different way, which might result in a different ordered-installation than previous versions of omnibus.
    • For an example of you you might need to update your project, please see opscode/omnibus-software@02d06a
  • Support for building DMGs (OSX Disk Images)

  • Update generator to create assets for pkg/dmg resources

  • There's a fancy new logo

  • Added Chef Sugar integration

  • Improved documentation

  • Improved test coverage

Bug fixes

  • Project generators now include apt/yum as development cookbooks
  • Added libc++.1.dylib as a whitelist healthcheck
  • Added,1 as a whitelist healthcheck on Solaris
  • Fix a bug where extra_package_files would break FPM

v2.0.1 (March 18, 2014)

  • Fix the name of the pkg artifact created on OSX
  • Fix new Rubocop warnings
  • Update generated Gemfile to use Omnibus 2.0
  • Switch to using Test Kitchen for generated build labs

v2.0.0 (March, 12, 2014)

Major changes:

  • version is now default_version
  • Added support for multiple software versions and version overrides
  • Added support for project-specific overrides
  • Added Mac .pkg packaging functionality (DMG coming soon)
  • Require Mixlib::Config 2.0

Minor changes:

  • Added a new CI pipeline on Travis
  • Switch to Ruby 1.9 hash syntaxes

Tiny changes that probably won't affect you:

  • .yardopts are no longer committed
  • .rspec is no longer committed
  • Updated copyrights to new company name
  • Improved test coverage
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

1.3.0 (December 6, 2013)


  • Add build_retries global config value (still 3 by default). (@fujin, #63)
  • Add support for pre-install scripts. (@christophermaier)
  • Add support for *.tar.xz files. (@jf647, #71)
  • Add erb builder command. (@ohlol, #79)
  • Add package_user, package_group to project definitions for setting user and group ownership for of deb/rpm/solaris packages. (@ohlol, #80)
  • Add config_file to project definitions for passing --config-files options to the fpm builder commands. (@christophergeers, #85)


  • Bump default cpus to get better throughput when Ohai is wrong. (@lamont-granquist)
  • Whitelist libnsl on Arch Linux. (@sl4mmy, #67)
  • Switch to using pkgmk for Solaris. (@lamont-granquist, #72)
  • Remove make install from c-example. (@johntdyer, #73)
  • Update Vagrantfile template to use provisionerless base boxes. (@schisamo, #74)
  • Allow access to Omnibus.project_root in builder blocks. (@ohlol, #78)
  • Refactor how we handle loading dirs for software files. (@benjaminws, #82)
  • Update depdencies: (@schisamo, #86)
    • fpm 1.0.0
    • mixlib-config 2.1.0
    • mixlib-shellout 1.3.0


  • Properly handle HTTP_PROXY_USER and HTTP_PROXY_PASS. (@databus23, #77)
  • Fix the incorrect error message logged when the Git fetcher failed to resolve refs to commits. (@mumoshu, #81)
  • Removin unsupported config.ssh.max_tries and config.ssh.timeout from Vagrantfile template. (@totally, #83)
  • Mention the required Vagrant plugins. (@jacobvosmaer, #70)

1.2.0 (July 12, 2013)


  • Add whitelist_file to software DSL. This allows an individual software definition to declare files that should be ignored during health checking.


  • Raise an exception if a project's dependency is not found.


  • Properly load a project's transitive dependencies.
  • Ensure a component is only added to a library one time.

1.1.1 (July 2, 2013)


  • Raise an exception if a patch file is not found.
  • Be more explicit about types in CPU computation.
  • Include pkg version, iteration, arch for solaris packages.
  • Fix assorted typos in CLI output.

1.1.0 (June 12, 2013)


  • AIX health check whitelist support
  • AIX Backup-File Format (BFF) package support


  • Add libstdc++ to SmartOS whitelist libs - this allows the health check pass when depending on C++ libs.


  • [CHEF-4246] - omnibus cache populate failing

1.0.4 (May 23, 2013)


  • Add release package command which releases a single package with associated metadata file to a single S3 bucket.
  • Arch Linux health check whitelist support


  • Add libstdc++ to Mac whitelist libs - this allows the health check pass when depending on C++ libs.
  • Change scope of Omnibus::Library instance from global to project.


  • [CHEF-4214] - projects in multi-project omnibus repositories share dependency scope

1.0.3 (May 2, 2013)


  • [CHEF-2576] - SmartOS health check whitelist support
  • [CHEF-4141] - FreeBSD health check whitelist support
  • [CHEF-3990] - Add support to uncompress zip file


  • Fix project homepage in gemspec
  • Proper Thor 0.16.0, 0.17.0 suppport - Thor 0.18.0 renamed current_task to current_command

1.0.2 (April 23, 2013)


  • Travis CI support


  • [CHEF-4112] omnibus build project command does not respect the --no-timestamp flag

1.0.1 (April 21, 2013)


  • Vagrant and Berkshelf Vagrant plugin version updates in generated project's Current requirements for the virtualized build lab are:
    • Vagrant 1.2.1+
    • vagrant-berkshelf plugin (this was renamed from berkshelf-vagrant)

1.0.0 (April 21, 2013)

  • The initial release.