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Opscode rebar templates


Clone this repo into ~/.rebar/templates/opscode like this:

mkdir -p ~/.rebar/templates/
cd ~/.rebar/templates
git clone opscode

Generate a new Erlang project

The project template creates a skeleton Erlang OTP application (not a top-level OTP Release project). Use it like this:

mkdir my_proj
cd my_proj
rebar create template=project name=my_proj \
  description="describe it, yo" \
  author_name="First Last" \

Generate a new Erlang top-level OTP release project

The rel_project template creates a skeleton of an Erlang OTP embedded release application. By default, this assumes no local source code. It should do the right thing, however, if add a src directory. This setup does not work with the apps/APP structure.

mkdir my_rel
cd my_rel
rebar create template=project name=my_rel \
  description="describe it, yo" \
  author_name="First Last" \
make prepare_release


Apache 2. See LICENSE.