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This is the readme for the quick_reference folder.
These images were created using Adobe Fireworks.
You can print any of the 300dpi-named files.
Knife Quick Reference
qr_knife_1_300dpi.png is page 1 of the Knife Quick Reference; qr_knife_2_300dpi.png is page 2.
These can be taken to a print shop and printed out front/back on an 8.5x11 piece of paper (any stock).
Laminate for best presentation.
These are not designed for an elegant fold, rather these are designed to remain flat.
You can print the qr_knife_web_300dpi.png as well, for a larger single-sided "poster".
qr_knife_web.png is the web image for this file. If this is printed, it will look a bit blurry and unsatisfying because it's not 300 dpi.