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* Dynomite Client lib
** DONE create dynomite config object
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:23]
** DONE set config values over the defaults
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:23]
** DONE emit json to tmpfile
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:24]
** DONE feed temp file to dynomite launch script
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:24]
*** or set up to run via runit?
** DONE stop all dynomite processes by finding pids
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:24]
** DONE stop one or more dynomite nodes by config
CLOSED: [2009-03-12 Thu 13:36]
** TODO Document current classes & methods
** TODO add membership, bench, console, methods
** TODO add correct logging
** TODO dynomite node tracking in an instance?
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