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Extra methods, and redefined methods, for the File class on MS Windows
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== Description
  Additional methods for the File class on MS Windows. Plus, several existing
  methods have been redefined to make them work properly on MS Windows.

== Prerequisites
  * win32-file-stat

== Installation
  gem install win32-file

== Synopsis
  require 'win32/file'

  p File.long_path("C:/Progra~1")       # => C:\Program Files
  p File.short_path("C:/Program Files") # => C:\Progra~1

  # See redefined methods below

== Singleton Methods Added
  * File.long_path
  * File.short_path

== Singleton Methods Redefined
  * File.atime            # Takes an optional 2nd argument to set the value.
  * File.basename         # UNC path issues, root path differences.
  * File.blksize          # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.blockdev?        # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.chardev?         # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.ctime            # Takes an optional 2nd argument to set the value.
  *       # Better wide character string handling than MRI
  * File.dirname          # UNC path issues in MRI
  * File.executable?      # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.file?            # Handles non-regular files better than MRI
  * File.ftype            # Handles non-regular files better than MRI
  * File.join             # For uniform handling of path separators.
  * File.grpowned?        # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.lstat            # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.mtime            # Takes an optional 2nd argument to set the value.
  * File.owned?           # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.pipe?            # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.readable?        # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.realpath         # MRI doesn't handle symlinks
  * File.realdirpath      # MRI doesn't handle symlinks
  * File.socket?          # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.readlink         # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.split            # UNC path issues in MRI
  * File.stat             # Uses object returned by win32-file-stat
  * File.symlink          # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.symlink?         # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.writable?        # Not implemented in MRI
  * File.world_writable?  # Not implemented in MRI

== Known issues or bugs
  The File.exist? method will return true on stale symlinks.

  Please report any other issues you find on the github page at:

== License
  Artistic 2.0

== Copyright
  (C) 2003-2015, Daniel J. Berger, All Rights Reserved

== Warranty
  This package is provided "as is" and without any express or
  implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
  warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

== Authors
  * Daniel J. Berger
  * Park Heesob
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