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This is not exactly the best way to use Perl. However, I wanted to create it as simple and readable as I possibly could so that others would be able to modify the code to better suit them. Also, if you are not a programmer, you may find this difficult. You can email me for help but if you need something more user friendly, there's a lot of paid apps out there that are more elegant :)


  • Emojis would only show up when viewing the pages in Safari.
  • Images and videos are visible within the message threads, but all other content is linked.
  • Files are overwritten without checking to see if one already exists.
  • If you get an error about the DateTime module, please see this CPAN article on installing modules:
  • This does not support group texts. It just adds the text sent from a user to that user's thread with you. This is basically a bug, but I haven't figured out how to do group texts yet.

Basic steps:

  1. Make a directory somewhere

    mkdir ~/Desktop/iOSBackup
  2. Add this repository to your ~/Desktop/iOSBackup directory

    cd ~/Desktop/iOSBackup
    git clone
  3. I reccomend copying your iTunes backup into your ~/Desktop/iOSBackup folder, just in case something bad happens (as I am not responsible for your misfortunes). Run passing the backup directory.

    perl iOSMessageExport/ --directory_path 9b9f73759fad7b31e330dd26bf7f745acccf1869/

    If you see an error that iOSSMSBackup cannot be found, you may need to run

    export PERLLIB=iOSMessageExport/
  4. An _export folder will be created in your working directory with all of your files!