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JDAL Spring AOP Module

This module contains the following Spring AOP Aspects.

Support for @DeclareMixin AspectJ annotation.

To use @DeclareMixin in Spring AOP you only need to declare a bean of type DeclareMixinAutoProxyCreatorConfigurer in you context.

<bean id="declareMixinConfigurer" class="org.jdal.aop.DeclareMixinAutoProxyCreatorConfigurer" />

or if using JavaConfig:

public class AppConfig {
    public declareMixinConfigurer() {
        return new DeclareMixinAutoProxyCreatorConfigurer();

Serializable proxy support.

To enable serializable proxies use the following bean definitions in context configuration file:

<!-- Enable @SerializableProxy support -->
<bean id="serializableAnnotationBeanPostProcessor" class="org.jdal.aop.config.SerializableAnnotationBeanPostProcessor" />
<bean id="serializableProxyAdvisor" class="org.jdal.aop.SerializableProxyAdvisor" scope="prototype"/>

To replace a bean in the Spring context globally, we can use the <jdal:serializable-proxy> tag in jdal spring custom namespace:

<bean id="someBean" class="some.package.SomeBean">
    <property name="someProperty" value="someValue" />
    <jdal:serializable-proxy />  <!-- Replace this bean with a serializable proxy -->

Or we can use @SerializableProxy annotation on the bean types.

public class StoreService {

Finally, we can replace only the reference in the component without touching the Spring context, just using the annotation in the autowired field.

public class MainLayout extends VerticalLayout {
    private CustomerDao customerDao;


The latest released version is 2.0.0. configure maven as follows to include it.

            <name>JDAL Repository</name>