Social oauth connect for Chinese SNS sites.
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An express or connect middleware which allows users to login via most of Chinese SNS sites with the same authorization work flow as everyauth.

Why everyauth-cn ?

The everyauth open source project is so excellent, it enables users to login via many of sites such as google, facebook and youtobe. It makes works so easy for developers because everyauth works as a middleware for expressjs(or connect) module, one can just use app.use(everyauth.middleware()) to enables anyone to login his web sites and get user infomation from session, for more details please goto everyauth.

This project aims connecting users to most of Chinese SNS sites. It reuse most of everyauth's core authorization code, thanks for everyauth open source project and GitHub!

Features list:

  • So far, everyauth-cn enables you to login via: QQ, Tencent weibo, sina weibo, baidu, douban, renren, taobao, it works as server-side mode and uses oauth2 authorization work flow.

  • It dose also supports password to login.


$ npm install everyauth-cn


  1. Register your account and app on the authorization sites, such as qq connect if you want to login via QQ, get your own appid and appSecret.

  2. Make some configuration as the example app does.

  3. Just copy any modules(such as google, facebook, twitter, github, etc) from everyauth as you need.


Click to see the example app.