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Chemfiles documentation

This directory contains the documentation for the chemfiles library. This documentation is divided in multiple sections:

  • High level overview;
  • C++ interface reference;
  • C interface reference;
  • Developers documentation.

The documentation is written using sphinx-doc and RestructuredText. It is automatically compiled every time a modification is added on Github, and deployed at http://chemfiles.org/chemfiles/.

Part of the documentation (the interface reference) is extracted from the source code. The source code contains special comments following Doxygen conventions, which are extracted and included in the documentation using breathe.

To modify the documentation, you will need to modify either the .rst files in the doc/src directory; or the Doxygen comments in header files from the include directory.

Building the documentation locally

First, get the source code of chemfiles (if you don't already have it):

git clone https://github.com/chemfiles/chemfiles
cd chemfiles

Then install Doxygen and Python using your favorite method. Finally, install the required python packages by running:

pip install sphinx
pip install -r doc/requirements.txt

You can now build the documentation locally by running:

mkdir build
cd build
make doc_html

The documentation will be in the build/doc/html directory.