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This project is deprecated, consider use denite-extra instead.

Some extra unite sources that I made to make my life easier.

  • emoji.vim for list and insert emoji.
  • command.vim for list and insert command to command line, execute immediately if command doesn't need argument.
  • project.vim for quickly locate a project and open a file inside.
  • node.vim for works with node_modules of project contains current file.
  • git_status.vim for works with git status

Note: json_decode is used, make sure echo exists('json_decode') is 1.


Take vim-plug for example:

Plug chemzqm/unite-extra

If you just need individual source, you can use command:

curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/unite/sources --create-dirs \

to download the emoji.vim into folder .vim/autoload/unite/sources


  • emoji, and node source have zero configuration.

  • command source requires a json file names ~/.vim/command.json, it contains an array of command configs, like this:

      "command": "Pretty",
      "description": "Pretty format current file",
      "args": 0
    }, {
      "command": "Update",
      "description": "Update vimrc in github",
      "args": 0

    where command is command name, description if the description hint, args is 1 or 0, indicates whether this command need argument to run.

  • project source requires a global variable that contains the folds of project roots to search for projects, for example:

    let g:project_folders = ['/vim-dev', '/.vim/bundle']


  • Emoji source has one action which insert selected emoji into current cursor position.

  • Command source actions:

    execute (default action) for execute command with args set to 0, insert the command string to command line if args set to 1.

    add open the file command.json for add a command.

    edit open the file command.json at the line of selected command for edit.

  • Project source has one action which open unite file_rec buffer for file choose.

  • Node source actions:

    open (default action) open unite file_rec buffer for selected module.

    main open main file of the selected module

    help open readme.md file of the selected module

    preview preview the package.json file of selected module

    browser open the module project in your browser (need vim-shell if not working on macos)


The original command source of unite have to be removed to make new command.vim take replace, or you can just copy the file into directory ~/.vim/autoload/unite/sources