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Dispatch a task for iTerm2 in MacVim, used for async command line task (eg: git push and unite tests)

It works much like vim-dispatch, the difference is it's works (only) with MacVim, iTerm2 latest and fish shell, in order to keep it quite simple. The reason I made this is I found changing the code of vim-dispatch is quite hard, and it doesn't support iTerm2 > 2.9


  • MacVim 7.3+
  • iTerm2 > 2.9 currently in beta test (latest lightly build is preferred)
  • fish shell (otherwise you will need change the code)
  • Knowledge of command line tools


  • notification enabled, looks like:

screen shot 2016-01-07 at 6 17 41 am


  • ItermStart[!] [options] {command}

    Start task in current session of iTerm2, when prefix with !, not foucs the iTerm window

    • -dir=... run command in given directory
    • -title=... set label for iTerm2
    • -no-wait disable the default prompt of press enter to continue on command error
  • ItermStartTab[!] [options] {command}

    Start task in a new tab session of iTerm2, options are the same as ItermStart command

    NOTE: iTerm2 version > Build 2.9.20160103-nightly is required to make iTerm2 run job at background corrently

Global varialbes

  • g:iterm_start_profile is used for control the profile used by ItermStartTab, you can crate a profile of iTerm2 called fish that use fish shell, and config ItermStartTab to use fish shell by add:

    let g:iterm_start_profile = 'fish'

    in your .vimrc

  • let g:iterm_start_enable=1 would enable Mac notification on command success. support growl and terminal-notifier


If you use vim-test, you can make your test run in background by adding below lines to your .vimrc:

function! StartTest(cmd)
  execute 'ItermStartTab! ' . a:cmd

let g:test#custom_strategies = {'start': function('StartTest')}
let g:test#strategy = 'start'

Send message back to MacVim

You can make use of the vim feature clientserver to send message back to your MacVim, here is a example of creating a filter program that parse output of mocha and fill the quickfix of MacVim

So you can jump to error location directly in your MacVim.