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Set sensor speed (sampling rate)
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CN1Sensors Improved Oct 14, 2016


Sensors library for Codename One, implemented on Android and iOS.


Step 1. Get instance

Normal usage using default sensor speed.
SensorsManager gyroscope = SensorsManager.getSensorsManager(SensorsManager.TYPE_GYROSCOPE);
SensorsManager accelerometer = SensorsManager.getSensorsManager(SensorsManager.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER);
SensorsManager magnetic = SensorsManager.getSensorsManager(SensorsManager.TYPE_MAGNETIC);
Custom sensor speed (sampling rate)

You can also add your desired sensor speed (in microseconds) as a second parameter. For example, if you want to receive (approximately) 10 samples/second (10 hz) you would use 1000000/10 = 100000 microseconds, like this:

SensorsManager accelerometer = SensorsManager.getSensorsManager(SensorsManager.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER, 100000);

Step 2. Register listener (do stuff with sensor data)

if (accelerometer != null) {
    accelerometer.registerListener(new SensorListener() {
        public void onSensorChanged(long timeStamp, float x, float y, float z) {
            //do your stuff here...