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chen-yumin committed May 20, 2015
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Changed name to Arkaflow from previously Ching Chong Ping Pong, because this game has drawn some inspiration from Arkanoid and ULTRAFLOW.
Added a few user-friendly written instructions.
Changed the background music to match the new name.
Added 3 different new levels, where artificial intelligence was added to the triangular bricks to automatically dodge the ball when it approaches, thus making this game more puzzle-like.
Disable all sound effects because of a bug in cocos2d-x audio library that can crash the app which I haven't found any workaround to deal with.
Changed the game from combating an AI-controlled player on Ping Pong game to breaking bricks.
Renamed project to Ching Chong Ping Pong (CCPP) and changed the package from "com.pujoy.swheels" to "com.pujoy.ccpp".
Upgraded cocos2d-x version.
Added a BaseScene class to reinforce OOP programming.
Refined physics (collision and bounce).
Created sound effects.
Created an enemy AI that can hit the ball back to the player.
Created the SmartString class.
Enabled pre-compiled headers to speed up compilation process.
Created color theme customization system. Users can personalize and change the color accent.

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