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The only personal assistant app you'll need to set reminders, alarms and notes. It has a user-friendly interface to help you jot down information whenever you want.

Charminder is multi-tasking. You don't need to switch between apps, because Charminder has a beautiful floating icon that can appear among other apps. You can set your reminders and notes even when you're on a web browser surfing the Internet, or on a video player watching a movie while jotting down some random words, etc... You can do all of them without leaving your current app!

It supports 4 basic reminder types:

  1. Countdown Reminder
    You can set a Countdown Reminder and you will be reminded after the set time is counted backwards to zero.

  2. Alarm Reminder
    You can set an Alarm Reminder and you will be reminded when the set time is exactly the same as the current system time.

  3. Hourly Reminder
    You can set a Hourly Reminder and you will be reminded at the set minute of every single hour.

  4. Audio Reminder
    You can record your voice and set a Audio Reminder, the reminding time will be automatically detected by what you say in your voice recording.

Besides the basic reminder types, you can custom every type of them to add notes, set repeat, and make it an alarm. Charminder is fully customizable.