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. 修正 setkey 命令及帮助(由 steve 提供)。(issues #193)

. 增加 echo -k 参数,显示键盘代码。
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yaya committed May 12, 2019
1 parent 11a3079 commit e8224a2d20760139ffaeafa07838e2c3c54de783
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  2. +27 −7 stage2/builtins.c
@@ -1,4 +1,7 @@
增加 echo -k 参数,显示键盘代码。

改进 setkey 命令及帮助,完全支持匈牙利键盘(由 steve 提供)。
改进 displaymem 及 bootlace 命令。
@@ -14051,7 +14051,18 @@ static struct keysym keysym_table[] =
{"A0", 0x8100},
{"oem102", 0x565c},
{"shiftoem102", 0x567c},

{"Aminus", 0x8200},
{"Aequal", 0x8300},
{"Abracketleft", 0x1A00},
{"Abracketright", 0x1B00},
{"Asemicolon", 0x2700},
{"Aquote", 0x2800},
{"Abackquote", 0x2900}, // 2a00 is alt+shift
{"Abackslash", 0x2b00},
{"Asemicolon", 0x2700},
{"Acomma", 0x3300},
{"Aperiod", 0x3400},
{"Aslash", 0x3500},


@@ -14172,16 +14183,16 @@ static struct builtin builtin_setkey =
"setkey [NEW_KEY FROM_KEY]",
"Map default USA key FROM_KEY to NEW_KEY."
"setkey [NEW_KEY USA_KEY]",
"Map default USA_KEY to NEW_KEY."
" Key names: 0-9, A-Z, a-z or escape, exclam, at, numbersign, dollar," //Provided by steve.
" percent, caret, ampersand, asterisk, parenleft, parenright, minus,"
" underscore, equal, plus, backspace, tab, bracketleft, braceleft,"
" bracketright, braceright, enter, semicolon, colon, quote, doublequote,"
" backquote, tilde, shift, backslash, bar, comma, less, period,"
" greater, slash, question, alt, space, delete, oem102, shiftoem102"
" [ctrl|shift]F1-10. Use A for Alt+(a-z)(0-9), e.g. 'setkey at Av'."
" Reset: 'setkey at at' to reset one key, 'setkey' to reset all. "
" backquote, tilde, backslash, bar, comma, less, period, greater,"
" slash, question, alt, space, delete, oem102, shiftoem102,"
" [ctrl|shift]F1-10. For Alt+ prefix with A, e.g. 'setkey at Aequal'."
" Use 'setkey at at' to reset one key, 'setkey' to reset all keys."

@@ -15748,6 +15759,14 @@ echo_func (char *arg,int flags)
gotoxy(saved_x, saved_y);
return 1;
else if (grub_memcmp(arg,"-k",2) == 0)
int i;
grub_printf("Please press the keyboard:");
i = getkey();
grub_printf("\rThe keyboard code is %04x. ",i);
return 1;
else break;
arg = skip_to (0,arg);
@@ -15837,6 +15856,7 @@ static struct builtin builtin_echo =
" \\Xnnnn show unicode characters(big endian).\n"
"-v show version and memory information.\n"
"-rrggbb show 24 bit colors.\n"
"-k show keyboard code.\n"
"$[ABCD] the color for MESSAGE.(console only, 8 bit number)\n"
"A=bright background, B=bright characters, C=background color, D=Character color.\n"
"$[0xCD] 8 or 64 bit number value for MESSAGE. C=background, D=Character.\n"

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