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Dungeon Paper

Dungeon Paper is an interactive character sheet for your Dungeon World characters. You may add as many as you want and fill out all their details inside.

Features currently included:

  • Adding basic details such as character name, image and alignment
  • Setting & viewing stats and modifiers, life and experience
  • Add moves & spells from the database list, or add your own custom moves
  • Add notes and organize them into categories, so you can easily keep track of everything going on in your campaign and your character.
  • Keep track of inventory items, or create new ones


  • Dungeon Paper is open source and uses Firebase as its databse & authentication manager.
  • Please open issues for any suggestions you have, or any bug reports. When submitting bugs, try to be as detailed as possible, and hopefuly responsive to further questions for clarification.


Dungeon Paper is built with Flutter, and is currently available on Google Play on beta.

  • If you wish to contribute, feel free to fork this repository and create a PR once you have a stable contribution.
  • Bug reports are also great contributions, so feel free to open appropriate issues if you have any.
  • If you want to use this source yourself, please read the license.
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