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Looking for contributors

I really have no time to keep this active, and there are plenty of issues that need to be resolved and updates that need to be made... gInbox is looking for a contributor to take initiative and take the project into their hands. If you're interested, please open an issue here or email me (address is in my profile). Thank you guys for all your support! I wish I could keep working on this project :(

Inbox by Gmail

gInbox is a wrapper made for Mac around Inbox by Gmail.

This eliminates your need to use a tab on Chrome to make it work.

Currently it only acts as a windowed-tab, that unlike Google Chrome in app mode, will not be eliminated when you close the window, forcing you to reopen the address; but instead resides in the background as a normal OS X app would.

Feel free to open requests and issues in the repository!

Upcoming features

  1. OS X Notifications for new email
  2. Muting Hangouts messages in window
  3. Opening Messages.app instead of Hangouts
  4. OS X themes

How to Install

  1. Download the latest version via the releases page
  2. Drag & Drop into your /Applications folder
  3. Launch!
  4. Profit!


Licensed under Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)


Feel free to create pull requests to this repository if you want changes uploaded to the origin. I will check PRs one by one and decide if they should be implemented.

If you want to redistribute, please rename the app to a new name so no confusion is caused. Also do not affiliate directly with this repository (you may specify you have forked this, but unless I pull your changes, this repository does not endorse or claim any kind of approval or link to the fork).