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This code is developed based on Caffe.

This code also consists the baseline methods used in our paper, such as Triplet loss, Npair loss and Binomial loss.


  • Caffe
  • GPU Memory >= 11G
  • Matlab(used for evaluation)


  • Add our files (in include/, src/ and tools/) to your caffe master
  • Merge file caffe.proto into your own caffe.proto
Note only that you should replace your code of {message InnerProductParameter{...}} with our provided code
  • Then complie caffe
 cd ~/caffe-master 
 make all -j8
  • Copy our examples/car/ to your caffe-master, and create folders run/, features/, car_ims_256_nopadding/
  cp -r ~/ECAML-master/examples/car ~/caffe-master/examples/
  mkdir ~/caffe-master/examples/car/run
  mkdir ~/caffe-master/examples/car/features
  mkdir ~/caffe-master/examples/car/car_ims_256_nopadding
  • Download images of Cars196 dataset, and move car_ims/ to ~/caffe-master/examples/car/car_ims_256_nopadding
  • Download our training_list (~200MB), and move it to ~/caffe-master/examples/car/
you can create your own list, as in our paper, the list is created by random selecting in 65*2 manner (with 65 classes and 2 images per class)
  • Download googlenet model to ~/caffe-master/examples/car/
  • Then train the model by ./
uncomment "energy confusion" codes in train_confusion.prototxt to use our method

Extract features

  • After training, the model will be stored at folder run/, then run ./ to extract testing image features(feature files will be stored in folder features/)


  • run code in folder ~/ECAML-master/evaluation


If our code is helpful, please kindly cite the following papers:

    Author = {Hyun Oh Song and Yu Xiang and Stefanie Jegelka and Silvio Savarese},
    Title = {Deep Metric Learning via Lifted Structured Feature Embedding},
    Booktitle = {Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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author = {Chen, Binghui and Deng, Weihong},
title = {Energy Confused Adversarial Metric Learning for Zero-Shot Image Retrieval and Clustering},
booktitle = {AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence},
year = {2019}


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