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A CMS built with Node.js, an Express Framework, and a MongoDB Database.
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A Content Management System built with Node.js, an Express Framework, Vagrant, and a MongoDB Database. In this project, the hypothetical client is Build a Bear workshop and the content management system being built for them is one that holds and manages all their reviews.

In order to create a local copy on your computer use the command:

git pull

initialize node.js with:

npm init

Install dependencies on your computer

cd /path/to/sites/review-a-bear-workshop

npm install

start up a vagrant machine with:

vagrant ssh

Then navigate to "main" directory in vagrant, start the server, and run the code with:

cd /vagrant/review-a-bear-workshop

node index.js

The project should now be available to view on your local machine in a browser window. An example url would be: http://localhost:8080/users/

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