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Links and notes for SciPy 2017.

What to know what happed last year?

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Lists of tutorials:


Videos of talks and tutorials:

JOSS (Journal of Open Source Software) Slides:



Tutorials Day 1 2017-07-10

Tutorial Repository Video
Software Carpentry Scientific Python Course Part 1 (Beginner) link
Cython for Data, Scientists, and Data Scientists (Intermediate/Advanced) link
Numba: Tell Those C++ Bullies to Get Lost (Intermediate) link
Automatic Code Generation with SymPy (Advanced) link
Modern Optimization Methods in Python (Intermediate/Advanced)
Software Carpentry Scientific Python Course Part 2 (Beginner)
Computational Statistics (Beginner) link
The Jupyter Interactive Widget Ecosystem (Intermediate/Advanced) link
HDF5 take 2: h5py & PyTables (Intermediate/Advanced) link
Interactive Data Visualization with HoloViews & Bokeh (Advanced)

Tutorials Day 2 2017-07-11

Tutorial Repository Video
Introduction to Numerical Computing with NumPy (Beginner) link
Pandas for Data Analysis (Beginner) link
Machine Learning with scikit-learn Part One (Intermediate) link
Parallelizing Scientific Python with Dask (Intermediate) link
Parallel Data Analysis in Python (Intermediate) link
Anatomy of Matplotlib (Beginner) link
scikit-image: Image Processing for Python (Intermediate) link
Network Science and Statistics: Fundamentals and Applications (Intermediate) link
Machine Learning with scikit-learn Part Two (Intermediate) link
Signal Processing and Communications Hands-On Using scikit-dsp-comm (Intermediate) link






Lightning talks