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/** \file output.h
Generic output functions
Constants for various character classifications. Each character of a command string can be classified as one of the following types.
#include <wchar.h>
Constants for various colors as used by the set_color function.
/** The default fg color of the terminal */
The value to send to set_color to tell it to use a bold font
#define FISH_COLOR_BOLD 0x80
The value to send to set_color to tell it to underline the text
Sets the fg and bg color. May be called as often as you like, since
if the new color is the same as the previous, nothing will be
written. Negative values for set_color will also be ignored. Since
the terminfo string this function emits can potentially cause the
screen to flicker, the function takes care to write as little as
Possible values for color are any form the FISH_COLOR_* enum,
leave the color unchanged, and FISH_COLOR_RESET will perform an
exit_attribute_mode, even if set_color thinks it is already in
In order to set the color to normal, three terminfo strings may
have to be written.
- First a string to set the color, such as set_a_foreground. This
is needed because otherwise the previous strings colors might be
removed as well.
- After that we write the exit_attribute_mode string to reset all
color attributes.
- Lastly we may need to write set_a_background or set_a_foreground
to set the other half of the color pair to what it should be.
\param c Foreground color.
\param c2 Background color.
void set_color( int c, int c2 );
Write specified multibyte string
#define writembs( mbs ) \
{ \
char *tmp = mbs; \
if( tmp ) \
{ \
writembs_internal( tmp ); \
} \
else \
{ \
debug( 0, \
_(L"Tried to use terminfo string %s on line %d of %s, which is undefined in terminal of type \"%ls\". Please report this error to %s"), \
#mbs, \
__LINE__, \
__FILE__, \
output_get_term(), \
} \
Write a char * narrow string to FD 1, needed for the terminfo
strings. This is usually just a wrapper aound tputs, using writeb
as the sending function. But a weird bug on PPC Linux means that on
this platform, write is instead used directly.
int writembs_internal( char *str );
Write a wide character using the output method specified using output_set_writer().
int writech( wint_t ch );
Write a wide character string to FD 1.
void writestr( const wchar_t *str );
Write a wide character string to FD 1. If the string is wider than
the specified maximum, truncate and ellipsize it.
void writestr_ellipsis( const wchar_t *str, int max_width );
Escape and write a string to fd 1
int write_escaped_str( const wchar_t *str, int max_len );
Return the internal color code representing the specified color
int output_color_code( const wchar_t *val );
This is for writing process notification messages. Has to write to
stdout, so clr_eol and such functions will work correctly. Not an
issue since this function is only used in interactive mode anyway.
int writeb( tputs_arg_t b );
Set the function used for writing in move_cursor, writespace and
set_color and all other output functions in this library. By
default, the write call is used to give completely unbuffered
output to stdout.
void output_set_writer( int (*writer)(char) );
//typedef int (*func_ptr_t)(char);
Return the current output writer
int (*output_get_writer())(char) ;
Set the terminal name
void output_set_term( wchar_t *term );
Return the terminal name
wchar_t *output_get_term();