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/** \file wildcard.h
My own globbing implementation. Needed to implement this instead
of using libs globbing to support tab-expansion of globbed
Header guard
#include <wchar.h>
#include "util.h"
Use unencoded private-use keycodes for internal characters
#define WILDCARD_RESERVED 0xf400
Enumeration of all wildcard types
/** Character representing any character except '/' */
/** Character representing any character string not containing '/' (A slash) */
/** Character representing any character string */
Expand the wildcard by matching against the filesystem.
New strings are allocated using malloc and should be freed by the caller.
wildcard_expand works by dividing the wildcard into segments at
each directory boundary. Each segment is processed separatly. All
except the last segment are handled by matching the wildcard
segment against all subdirectories of matching directories, and
recursively calling wildcard_expand for matches. On the last
segment, matching is made to any file, and all matches are
inserted to the list.
If wildcard_expand encounters any errors (such as insufficient
priviliges) during matching, no error messages will be printed and
wildcard_expand will continue the matching process.
\param wc The wildcard string
\param base_dir The base directory of the filesystem to perform the match against
\param flags flags for the search. Can be any combination of ACCEPT_INCOMPLETE and EXECUTABLES_ONLY
\param out The list in which to put the output
\return 1 if matches where found, 0 otherwise. Return -1 on abort (I.e. ^C was pressed).
int wildcard_expand( const wchar_t *wc,
const wchar_t *base_dir,
int flags,
array_list_t *out );
Test whether the given wildcard matches the string
\param str The string to test
\param wc The wildcard to test against
\return true if the wildcard matched
int wildcard_match( const wchar_t *str,
const wchar_t *wc );
Check if the specified string contains wildcards
int wildcard_has( const wchar_t *str, int internal );
Test wildcard completion
int wildcard_complete( const wchar_t *str,
const wchar_t *wc,
const wchar_t *desc,
const wchar_t *(*desc_func)(const wchar_t *),
array_list_t *out,
int flags );