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** PTYSession.h
** Copyright (c) 2002, 2003
** Author: Fabian, Ujwal S. Setlur
** Project: iTerm
** Description: Implements the model class for a terminal session.
** This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
** Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
#import "ProfileModel.h"
#import "DVR.h"
#import "WindowControllerInterface.h"
#import "TextViewWrapper.h"
#import "FindViewController.h"
#import "ITAddressBookMgr.h"
#import "LineBuffer.h"
#import "TmuxGateway.h"
#import "TmuxController.h"
#include <sys/time.h>
#define NSLeftAlternateKeyMask (0x000020 | NSAlternateKeyMask)
#define NSRightAlternateKeyMask (0x000040 | NSAlternateKeyMask)
@class PTYTask;
@class PTYTextView;
@class PTYScrollView;
@class VT100Screen;
@class VT100Terminal;
@class PreferencePanel;
@class iTermController;
@class iTermGrowlDelegate;
@class FakeWindow;
@class PseudoTerminal;
// Timer period when all we have to do is update blinking text/cursor.
static const float kBlinkTimerIntervalSec = 1.0 / 2.0;
// Timer period when receiving lots of data.
static const float kSlowTimerIntervalSec = 1.0 / 10.0;
// Timer period for interactive use.
static const float kFastTimerIntervalSec = 1.0 / 30.0;
// Timer period for background sessions. This changes the tab item's color
// so it must run often enough for that to be useful.
// TODO(georgen): There's room for improvement here.
static const float kBackgroundSessionIntervalSec = 1;
typedef enum {
} SplitSelectionMode;
@class PTYTab;
@class SessionView;
@interface PTYSession : NSResponder <FindViewControllerDelegate, TmuxGatewayDelegate>
// Owning tab.
PTYTab* tab_;
// tty device
NSString* tty;
// name can be changed by the host.
NSString* name;
// defaultName cannot be changed by the host.
NSString* defaultName;
// The window title that should be used when this session is current. Otherwise defaultName
// should be used.
NSString* windowTitle;
// The original bookmark name.
NSString* bookmarkName;
// Shell wraps the underlying file descriptor pair.
// Terminal processes vt100 codes.
VT100Terminal* TERMINAL;
// The value of the $TERM environment var.
// The value of the $COLORFGBG environment var.
// The current screen contents.
VT100Screen* SCREEN;
// Has the underlying connection been closed?
// The view in which this session's objects live.
SessionView* view;
// The scrollview in which this session's contents are displayed.
// A view that wraps the textview. It is the scrollview's document. This exists to provide a
// top margin above the textview.
TextViewWrapper* WRAPPER;
// The view that contains all the visible text in this session.
// This timer fires periodically to redraw TEXTVIEW, update the scroll position, tab appearance,
// etc.
NSTimer *updateTimer;
// Anti-idle timer that sends a character every so often to the host.
NSTimer* antiIdleTimer;
// The code to send in the anti idle timer.
char ai_code;
// If true, close the tab when the session ends.
BOOL autoClose;
// True if ambiguous-width characters are double-width.
BOOL doubleWidth;
// True if mouse movements are sent to the host.
BOOL xtermMouseReporting;
// This is not used as far as I can tell.
int bell;
// Filename of background image.
NSString* backgroundImagePath;
// Bookmark currently in use.
NSDictionary* addressBookEntry;
// The bookmark the session was originally created with so those settings can be restored if
// needed.
Profile* originalAddressBookEntry;
// Growl stuff
iTermGrowlDelegate* gd;
// Status reporting
struct timeval lastInput, lastOutput;
// Time that the tab label was last updated.
struct timeval lastUpdate;
// Does the session have new output? Used by -[PTYTab setLabelAttributes] to color the tab's title
// appropriately.
BOOL newOutput;
// Is the session idle? Used by setLableAttribute to send a growl message when processing ends.
BOOL growlIdle;
// Is there new output for the purposes of growl notifications? They run on a different schedule
// than tab colors.
BOOL growlNewOutput;
// Has this session's bookmark been divorced from the profile in the ProfileModel? Changes
// in this bookmark may happen indepentendly of the persistent bookmark.
bool isDivorced;
// A digital video recorder for this session that implements the instant replay feature. These
// are non-null while showing instant replay.
DVR* dvr_;
DVRDecoder* dvrDecoder_;
// Set only if this is not a live session (we are showing instant replay). Is a pointer to the
// hidden live session while looking at the past.
PTYSession* liveSession_;
// Is the update timer's callback currently running?
BOOL timerRunning_;
// Paste from the head of this string from a timer until it's empty.
NSMutableString* slowPasteBuffer;
NSTimer* slowPasteTimer;
// The name of the foreground job at the moment as best we can tell.
NSString* jobName_;
// Ignore resize notifications. This would be set because the session's size musn't be changed
// due to temporary changes in the window size, as code later on may need to know the session's
// size to set the window size properly.
BOOL ignoreResizeNotifications_;
// Last time this session became active
NSDate* lastActiveAt_;
// saved scroll position or -1
long long savedScrollPosition_;
int savedScrollHeight_;
// Time session was created
NSDate* creationDate_;
// After receiving new output, we keep running the updateDisplay timer for a few seconds to catch
// changes in job name.
NSDate* updateDisplayUntil_;
// If not nil, we're aggregating text to append to a pasteboard. The pasteboard will be
// updated when this is set to nil.
NSString *pasteboard_;
NSMutableData *pbtext_;
// The current line of text, for checking against triggers if any.
NSMutableString *triggerLine_;
// The current triggers.
NSMutableArray *triggers_;
// Does the terminal think this session is focused?
BOOL focused_;
FindContext tailFindContext_;
NSTimer *tailFindTimer_;
enum {
} tmuxMode_;
TmuxGateway *tmuxGateway_;
TmuxController *tmuxController_;
int tmuxPane_;
BOOL tmuxLogging_; // log to gateway client
// Return the current pasteboard value as a string.
+ (NSString*)pasteboardString;
+ (BOOL)handleShortcutWithoutTerminal:(NSEvent*)event;
+ (void)selectMenuItem:(NSString*)theName;
- (BOOL)isTmuxClient;
// init/dealloc
- (id)init;
- (void)dealloc;
// accessor
- (DVR*)dvr;
// accessor
- (DVRDecoder*)dvrDecoder;
// Jump to a particular point in time.
- (long long)irSeekToAtLeast:(long long)timestamp;
// accessor. nil if this session is live.
- (PTYSession*)liveSession;
// test if we're at the beginning/end of time.
- (BOOL)canInstantReplayPrev;
- (BOOL)canInstantReplayNext;
// Disable all timers.
- (void)cancelTimers;
// Begin showing DVR frames from some live session.
- (void)setDvr:(DVR*)dvr liveSession:(PTYSession*)liveSession;
// Go forward/back in time. Must call setDvr:liveSession: first.
- (void)irAdvance:(int)dir;
// Session specific methods
- (BOOL)setScreenSize:(NSRect)aRect parent:(id<WindowControllerInterface>)parent;
// triggers
- (void)clearTriggerLine;
- (void)appendStringToTriggerLine:(NSString *)s;
+ (void)drawArrangementPreview:(NSDictionary *)arrangement frame:(NSRect)frame;
- (void)setSizeFromArrangement:(NSDictionary*)arrangement;
+ (PTYSession*)sessionFromArrangement:(NSDictionary*)arrangement
+ (NSDictionary *)arrangementFromTmuxParsedLayout:(NSDictionary *)parseNode
bookmark:(Profile *)bookmark;
- (void)textViewFontDidChange;
// Set rows, columns from arrangement.
- (void)resizeFromArrangement:(NSDictionary *)arrangement;
- (void)runCommandWithOldCwd:(NSString*)oldCWD
- (void)startProgram:(NSString *)program
arguments:(NSArray *)prog_argv
environment:(NSDictionary *)prog_env
- (void)softTerminate;
- (void)terminate;
- (void)setNewOutput:(BOOL)value;
- (BOOL)newOutput;
// Preferences
- (void)setPreferencesFromAddressBookEntry: (NSDictionary *)aePrefs;
// PTYTask
- (void)writeTask:(NSData*)data;
- (void)readTask:(NSData*)data;
- (void)brokenPipe;
// PTYTextView
- (BOOL)hasTextSendingKeyMappingForEvent:(NSEvent*)event;
- (BOOL)hasActionableKeyMappingForEvent: (NSEvent *)event;
- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)event;
- (BOOL)willHandleEvent: (NSEvent *)theEvent;
- (void)handleEvent: (NSEvent *)theEvent;
- (void)insertText:(NSString *)string;
- (void)insertNewline:(id)sender;
- (void)insertTab:(id)sender;
- (void)moveUp:(id)sender;
- (void)moveDown:(id)sender;
- (void)moveLeft:(id)sender;
- (void)moveRight:(id)sender;
- (void)pageUp:(id)sender;
- (void)pageDown:(id)sender;
- (void)paste:(id)sender;
- (void)pasteString: (NSString *)aString;
- (void)pasteSlowly:(id)sender;
- (void)deleteBackward:(id)sender;
- (void)deleteForward:(id)sender;
- (void)textViewDidChangeSelection: (NSNotification *)aNotification;
- (void)textViewResized: (NSNotification *)aNotification;
// Returns the frame size for a scrollview that perfectly contains the contents
// of this session based on rows/cols, and taking into acount the presence of
// a scrollbar.
- (NSSize)idealScrollViewSize;
// misc
- (void)setWidth:(int)width height:(int)height;
// Do we need to prompt on close for this session?
- (BOOL)promptOnClose;
- (void)setSplitSelectionMode:(SplitSelectionMode)mode;
// Returns the number of pixels over or under the an ideal size.
// Will never exceed +/- cell size/2.
// If vertically is true, proposedSize is a height, else it's a width.
// Example: If the line height is 10 (no margin) and you give a proposed size of 101,
// 1 is returned. If you give a proposed size of 99, -1 is returned.
- (int)overUnder:(int)proposedSize inVerticalDimension:(BOOL)vertically;
// Array of subprocessess names.
- (NSArray *)childJobNames;
// Contextual menu
- (void)menuForEvent:(NSEvent *)theEvent menu: (NSMenu *)theMenu;
// get/set methods
- (PTYTab*)tab;
- (PTYTab*)ptytab;
- (void)setTab:(PTYTab*)tab;
- (struct timeval)lastOutput;
- (void)setGrowlIdle:(BOOL)value;
- (BOOL)growlIdle;
- (void)setGrowlNewOutput:(BOOL)value;
- (BOOL)growlNewOutput;
- (NSString *)name;
- (NSString*)rawName;
- (void)setBookmarkName:(NSString*)theName;
- (void)setName: (NSString *)theName;
- (NSString *)defaultName;
- (NSString*)joblessDefaultName;
- (void)setDefaultName: (NSString *)theName;
- (NSString *)uniqueID;
- (void)setUniqueID: (NSString *)uniqueID;
- (NSString*)formattedName:(NSString*)base;
- (NSString *)windowTitle;
- (void)setWindowTitle: (NSString *)theTitle;
- (PTYTask *)SHELL;
- (void)setSHELL: (PTYTask *)theSHELL;
- (VT100Terminal *)TERMINAL;
- (void)setTERMINAL: (VT100Terminal *)theTERMINAL;
- (NSString *)TERM_VALUE;
- (void)setTERM_VALUE: (NSString *)theTERM_VALUE;
- (VT100Screen *)SCREEN;
- (void)setSCREEN: (VT100Screen *)theSCREEN;
- (NSImage *)image;
- (SessionView *)view;
- (void)setView:(SessionView*)newView;
- (PTYTextView *)TEXTVIEW;
- (void)setTEXTVIEW: (PTYTextView *)theTEXTVIEW;
- (PTYScrollView *)SCROLLVIEW;
- (void)setSCROLLVIEW: (PTYScrollView *)theSCROLLVIEW;
- (NSStringEncoding)encoding;
- (void)setEncoding:(NSStringEncoding)encoding;
- (BOOL)antiIdle;
- (int)antiCode;
- (void)setAntiIdle:(BOOL)set;
- (void)setAntiCode:(int)code;
- (BOOL)autoClose;
- (void)setAutoClose:(BOOL)set;
- (BOOL)doubleWidth;
- (void)setDoubleWidth:(BOOL)set;
- (BOOL)xtermMouseReporting;
- (void)setXtermMouseReporting:(BOOL)set;
- (NSDictionary *)addressBookEntry;
// Return the address book that the session was originally created with.
- (Profile *)originalAddressBookEntry;
- (void)setAddressBookEntry:(NSDictionary*)entry;
- (NSString *)tty;
- (NSString *)contents;
- (iTermGrowlDelegate*)growlDelegate;
- (void)clearBuffer;
- (void)clearScrollbackBuffer;
- (BOOL)logging;
- (void)logStart;
- (void)logStop;
- (NSString *)backgroundImagePath;
- (void)setBackgroundImagePath: (NSString *)imageFilePath;
- (NSColor *)foregroundColor;
- (void)setForegroundColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (NSColor *)backgroundColor;
- (void)setBackgroundColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (NSColor *)selectionColor;
- (void)setSelectionColor: (NSColor *)color;
- (NSColor *)boldColor;
- (void)setBoldColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (NSColor *)cursorColor;
- (void)setCursorColor:(NSColor*)color;
- (void)setSmartCursorColor:(BOOL)value;
- (void)setMinimumContrast:(float)value;
- (NSColor *)selectedTextColor;
- (void)setSelectedTextColor: (NSColor *)aColor;
- (NSColor *)cursorTextColor;
- (void)setCursorTextColor: (NSColor *)aColor;
- (float)transparency;
- (void)setTransparency:(float)transparency;
- (float)blend;
- (void)setBlend:(float)blend;
- (BOOL)useBoldFont;
- (void)setUseBoldFont:(BOOL)boldFlag;
- (void)setColorTable:(int)index color:(NSColor *)c;
- (int)optionKey;
- (int)rightOptionKey;
- (BOOL)shouldSendEscPrefixForModifier:(unsigned int)modmask;
// Session status
- (BOOL)exited;
- (BOOL)bell;
- (void)setBell:(BOOL)flag;
- (void)sendCommand:(NSString *)command;
- (NSDictionary*)arrangement;
// Display timer stuff
- (void)updateDisplay;
- (void)doAntiIdle;
- (NSString*)ansiColorsMatchingForeground:(NSDictionary*)fg andBackground:(NSDictionary*)bg inBookmark:(Profile*)aDict;
- (void)updateScroll;
- (int)columns;
- (int)rows;
- (void)changeFontSizeDirection:(int)dir;
- (void)setFont:(NSFont*)font nafont:(NSFont*)nafont horizontalSpacing:(float)horizontalSpacing verticalSpacing:(float)verticalSpacing;
// Assigns a new GUID to the session so that changes to the bookmark will not
// affect it. Returns the GUID of a divorced bookmark. Does nothing if already
// divorced, but still returns the divorced GUID.
- (NSString*)divorceAddressBookEntryFromPreferences;
- (void)remarry;
// Schedule the screen update timer to run in a specified number of seconds.
- (void)scheduleUpdateIn:(NSTimeInterval)timeout;
// Call refresh on the textview and schedule a timer if anything is blinking.
- (void)refreshAndStartTimerIfNeeded;
- (NSString*)jobName;
- (NSString*)uncachedJobName;
- (void)setIgnoreResizeNotifications:(BOOL)ignore;
- (BOOL)ignoreResizeNotifications;
- (void)setLastActiveAt:(NSDate*)date;
- (NSDate*)lastActiveAt;
// Save the current scroll position
- (void)saveScrollPosition;
// Jump to the saved scroll position
- (void)jumpToSavedScrollPosition;
// Is there a saved scroll position?
- (BOOL)hasSavedScrollPosition;
// Prepare to use the given string for the next search.
- (void)useStringForFind:(NSString*)string;
// Search for the selected text.
- (void)findWithSelection;
// Show/hide the find view
- (void)toggleFind;
// Find next/previous occurrence of find string.
- (void)searchNext;
- (void)searchPrevious;
// Bitmap of how the session looks.
- (NSImage *)imageOfSession:(BOOL)flip;
// Image for dragging one session.
- (NSImage *)dragImage;
- (void)setPasteboard:(NSString *)pbName;
- (BOOL)hasCoprocess;
- (void)stopCoprocess;
- (void)launchCoprocessWithCommand:(NSString *)command;
- (void)launchSilentCoprocessWithCommand:(NSString *)command;
- (void)setFocused:(BOOL)focused;
- (BOOL)wantsContentChangedNotification;
- (void)sendEscapeSequence:(NSString *)text;
- (void)sendHexCode:(NSString *)codes;
- (void)sendText:(NSString *)text;
- (void)startTmuxMode;
- (void)tmuxDetach;
- (int)tmuxPane;
// Two sessions are compatible if they may share the same tab. Tmux clients
// impose this restriction because they must belong to the same controller.
- (BOOL)isCompatibleWith:(PTYSession *)otherSession;
- (void)setTmuxPane:(int)windowPane;
- (void)setTmuxController:(TmuxController *)tmuxController;
- (TmuxController *)tmuxController;
@interface PTYSession (ScriptingSupport)
// Object specifier
- (NSScriptObjectSpecifier *)objectSpecifier;
-(void)handleExecScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)aCommand;
-(void)handleTerminateScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)command;
-(void)handleSelectScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)command;
-(void)handleWriteScriptCommand: (NSScriptCommand *)command;
@interface PTYSession (Private)
- (NSString*)_getLocale;
- (NSString*)_lang;
- (NSString*)encodingName;
- (void)setDvrFrame;
- (void)stopTailFind;
- (void)beginTailFind;
- (void)continueTailFind;
- (void)printTmuxMessage:(NSString *)message;
- (void)printTmuxCommandOutputToScreen:(NSString *)response;
- (BOOL)_localeIsSupported:(NSString*)theLocale;