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set guioptions-=T " hide toolbar
set guioptions+=Rr " Turn on scroll bars
if has("gui_macvim")
" macmenu Window.Toggle\ Full\ Screen\ Mode key=<D-CR>
" Fullscreen takes up entire screen
set fuoptions=maxhorz,maxvert
"Mac OS X style command line editing
cnoremap <A-Backspace> <C-W>
cnoremap <D-Backspace> <C-U>
" Command-/ to toggle comments
map <D-/> <plug>NERDCommenterToggle
imap <D-/> <Esc><plug>NERDCommenterToggle i
" Command-T (a la Textmate)
macmenu &File.New\ Tab key=<nop>
map <D-t> :CommandT<CR>
imap <D-t> <Esc>:CommandT<CR>
" Source vimrc after saving it
autocmd! BufWritePost .gvimrc,gvimrc source $MYGVIMRC
autocmd! BufWritePost .vimrc,vimrc source $MYVIMRC | source $MYGVIMRC | NERDTreeToggle | NERDTreeToggle