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priority_filter is an extension of filters in Rails that allows you to set priorities to filters. The main benefit of this is you can now have a filter defined in a parent controller that gets executed after the same type of filter in a child controller.
It does this by overriding all the *_filter methods and storing them in an array, and then rebuilding the filter chain whenever a filter is added or skipped. This causes a longer loading time, but it only has to do this when the controller is loaded, so after the application loads, there is no performance hit (that I can see).
A more elegant solution would to be override the find_filter_append/prepend_position, but it wasn't working for me so I gave up and went with this method.
All the *_filter methods now accept :priority as an option. :priority can be any positive integer, or :first (which gets changed to 0) or :last (will always be called after all other filters that are also not :last). Leaving out :priority sets the priority to 1. So if you install this plugin into an existing project, it (theoretically) will not change the filter execution order. prepend_*_filter simply implies :first.
before_filter :filter, :priority => 5
after_filter :after, :priority => :last
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
before_filter :foo, :priority => 5
before_filter :bar, :priority => :first
class FooController < ApplicationController
before_filter :rah, :priority => 3
before_filter :moo, :priority => :first
class BarController < FooController
before_filter :kek
before_filter :bah, :priority => :last
Filter priorities (in execution order):
:bar => 0
:moo => 0
:kek => 1
:rah => 3
:foo => 5
:bah => last
Copyright (c) 2008 Jack Chen, under the MIT License