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Rails Requests Plugin
Created by [Scout](


Analyzes the performance of a Ruby on Rails application via its log file. Just install this plugin in Scout and provide the full path to the Rails log file (ex: /var/www/app/APP_NAME/log/production.log). The plugin generates an alert when any slow requests are generated and creates a detailed performance report via the [Request Log Analyzer gem]( every 24 hours. 

By default, a slow request is any request that is greater than or equal to 3 seconds. This can be modified in the plugin settings. 

Note that the Request Log Analyzer may take a couple of minutes to run on large log files. 

On the first run, a detailed report is generated for the previous 2 days of activity. No metric data is reported on the first run (requests, slow requests, and average request time).



[elif gem](

sudo gem install elif

[request-log-analyzer gem](

sudo gem install request-log-analyzer


Tested on Linux, OSX, and Solaris. Requires the Scout Agent version 4.0 or greater.

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