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xvsc contains my personal configurations, theme, and the extensions I've developed for VS Code.

xvsc stands for "extras for vsc".

Projects in this repo


A Dark UI theme inspired by Railscasts.

Find Word At Cursor

Use keyboard shortcuts to jump through occurrences of the word or selection under cursor.

Simple Autocomplete

Fewer keystrokes, no-nonsense autocomplete that cycles through matches based on fuzzy word search performed on the open document(s). This is like IntelliJ's Cyclic Expand Word or NetBeans Hippie Completion.


Like Ace Jump but with a flow such as:

Keyboard shortcut ➡ Type a few letters to find matches ➡ Jump

Smarter Selection (planned)

Like VS Code built-in smart selection feature, but with better abstract syntax trees.


vie allows you to quickly view pull-requests or browse other codebases in VS Code (or any text editor, really). It can come in handy if you do a lot of that.

Other content

I also put my settings.json, keybindings.json, code snippets, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces of functionality in this repo.

To discuss stuff

Tweet at @msafi

Issues, questions, etc


All code in this repo is public domain. For jurisdictions that don't allow public domain licensing, claimants can settle disputes in a trial by combat ⚔️

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