A tool to upload file to Qiniu cloud storage
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It's a simple tool can help you to upload your file to QiNiu cloud storage.


You can install it easily,

python setup.py install

Also can install it via pip:

pip install qnupload


And you can get help message by run:

qnupload -h


Add some basic configuration items in


Choose a bucket as default:

default_bucket_name = Bucket1

Set the access key and secret key, can get them from Qiniu Cloud

access_key = your_access_key
secret_key = your_secret_key

Set domain for each bucket, the domain can get form the bucket setting on your Qiniu account

domain = domain1

domain = domain2

Basic operation

After set the bucket, access key and secret key, then you can upload file with qnupload:

qnupload File_Path

If you have several buckets in the configuration, but you want upload the file to a non default bucket, you can use -b:

qnupload File_path -b another_bucket

You can choose several files or directories one time:

qnupload File1 File2 Dir1 Dir2 -b another_bucket

If you want to name the file with its path, you can specify option --full-name.

qnupload Dir1/File1 --full-name

Then the file File1 will be named as Dir1/File1.

The file you want to upload has the same name with one already in the bucket, the action will be failed!