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Generative Constituency Parser with (linear-time) Discriminative Recognition Algorithm

The code implements a neural sequence-to-tree model in the context of constituency parsing, provides a unifination of discriminative and generative RNNG, and is capable of doing constituency parsing and language modeling.


  • English PTB, to generate oracles find scripts in the data folder


  • Dynet (2.0)
  • Numpy


  • Training (,,
  • Testing (,
  • For parsing, there are two choices: 1) find the argmax tree from the approximated posterior q(a|x); 2) find the sampled tree from q(a|x) which maximizes the joint p(a,x)
  • For language modeling, there are three choices: 1) lower bound approximation; 2) importance sampling using variational distribution as proposal; and 3) directly sampling from prior
  • Focused training depending on the final objective: if parsing is the goal, we focus on maximizing q(a|x) and p(a,x); if language modeling is the goal, we focus on maximizing p(x)

Extra feature

To experiment the encoder without look-ahead attention feature, replace with


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