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Intro to Reason Compilation

Reason is a syntax and tooling ecosystem for OCaml. The OCaml's compilation and build system can get rather sophisticated; This repository serves as a tutorial that explains some of the intricacies. It's always nice to know what really happens under the hood!

Note that this is for the curious people. You don't need to know these things immediately when you start consuming Reason and the rest. If you just want to try Reason, this is the right place to start instead.

We start with the most basic OCaml compiler commands and gradually build up to a productive workflow. Each step resides in its independent, fully functional folder.

If you feel certain steps aren't clear, or if you'd like to request a new step, feel free to submit an issue or a pull request! P.S. we're on IRC freenode #reasonml and Discord reasonml.


Have Reason >=1.13.5 installed. See this help page