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##About Actuarius## Actuarius is a Markdown Processor written in Scala using parser combinators.

The project homepage can be found on github:

For detailled information, please consult the Actuarius Wiki:

To browse the scaladoc online, go to:

To try Actuarius out, you can use the web dingus on my home page: (The web preview is currently broken but will be fixed (hopefully) soon.)

To get Actuarius, you can either check out the source from github, use maven/sbt to add it as a dependency (see below) or download the binary jar, javadoc jar or source jar directly from my maven repo at

##License## Actuarius is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. For details see the LICENSE file that comes with the source.

##Compatibility## Actuarius tries to stay as close to the original Markdown syntax definition as possible. There were however some quirks in the original Markdown I did not like. I wrote Actuarius as a Markdown processor for my homebrew blog engine, so I took the liberty to diverge slightly from the way the original Markdown works. The details are explained in the respective article in the Actuarius Wiki

##Maven## The group id is eu.henkelmann, the artifact id is actuarius_[scala-version], e.g.actuarius_2.10.0. The current stable version is 0.2.6. The current development version is 0.2.7-SNAPSHOT. Actuarius is available from the Sonatype OSS repository, so you should not have to add any repository definitions.

Starting with version 0.2.5 there are builds for Scala 2.9.2 and 2.10.0. These versions are also available from maven central. (How I hate Scala's binary incompatibilities…)

##sbt## To add the lib to your project, add the following to your .sbt file if you are using scala 2.10.x:

libraryDependencies += "eu.henkelmann" % "actuarius_2.10.0" % "0.2.6"

or, for 2.9.x compatibility:

libraryDependencies += "eu.henkelmann" % "actuarius_2.9.2" % "0.2.6"

Currently, Actuarius itself is built using sbt 0.11.x

##Version History##


  • fixed bug in html / xml element parsing: attributes surrounded by ticks (') are now also parsed as well as attributes surrounded by quotes (")
  • fixed bug in unordered list item handling, items can now be also started by - and + as well as *


  • added support for scala 2.10.0
  • dropped support for every all older scala versions except 2.9.2


  • artifacts are published via Sonatype OSS repository
  • added support for scala 2.9.2
  • switched to sbt 11.x as build system (thanks to David Pollack for the build file)
  • added initial support for fenced code blocks (hint for programming language to format in is parsed but ignored)


  • moved project to github
  • added support for scala 2.9.1
  • fixed bug that caused crashes when parsing windows line endings (CR LF)


A markdown processor for the JVM written in Scala.







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