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Welcome to the Actuarius wiki!

##About Actuarius## Actuarius is a Markdown Parser written in Scala using parser combinators. Markdown is a simple Markup(?) language that allows turning plain text into (X)HTML. It is designed for writing HTML fast and without fuss and has been widely adopted around the Web. The original Markdown was designed by John Gruber and is written in Perl. For detailed information on Markdown I recommend the official Markdown homepage

Actuarius is:

  • Performant
  • Easy to use
  • Open Source under a BSD style license
  • Well documented

However, Actuarius is not the only Markdown engine for the JVM, so you should check out the alternatives to find the engine that best suits your needs. As Markdown is widely adopted, there are a lot of tutorials, nevertheless I wrote a short tutorial for Markdown. If you are interested in the inner workings of Actuarius, check out the brief introduction to the Actuarius design. If you want to use Actuarius in your own projects check out the wiki page on using Actuarius there you will also find information on how to add Actuarius to your projects.

##ScalaDoc## To browse the ScalaDoc online, go to: http://doc.henkelmann.eu/actuarius/index.html

##License## Actuarius is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. For details see the LICENSE file that comes with the source.

##Compatibility with Standard Markdown## I wrote Actuarius as a Markdown processor for my homebrew blog engine. I found some of the quirks in the original Markdown behavior a bit irritating when writing my own blog posts, so I took the liberty of implementing certain aspects differently. I added a [Wiki page explaining the differences in behavior] (wiki/Differences-Between-Actuarius-And-Standard-Markdown). Apart from the differences explained there, Actuarius tries to stay as close to the original Markdown behavior as possible.