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Code of Conduct

The members of the ChennaiGeeks group are expected to follow a code of conduct. This document shall serve as the reference point for the code, and also as a place for discussion on any rules that need to be added/changed removed.


  1. No harrassment
  2. No sexism
  3. No piracy or spam


No harrassment:

Members are expected to stay civil in their discussions online as well as offline. Especially towards newer members who may be asking very basis questions or are not aware of the conventions of online conversations. Members are also expected to warn and then report any violations. Such actions will invite a warning or an immidiate ban depending on the seriousness.

No sexism:

Members of the group shall try to make participants comfortable by not indulging into sexist behavior. They will not use nude/pornographic content while interacting with the group. They will also not use sexist references in way of humour. Such action will invite a warning and a subsequent ban from the group.

No piracy or spam

Members shall not share any pirated content in online or offline discussions. This includes pirated copies of books, educational videos, softwares and torrent link to them. Any such content will be removed by moderators without warning.

Point of Contact

The group will have a volunteer acting as a point of contact for complains against violations, whose email-id will be displayed on the website.

Current Point of Contact: Magesh ( Abhishek (


The code of conduct is applicable equally to all members. Its important to emphasize that the organizers, moderators, and experienced members are all expected to follow the rules, and can be penalised as appropriate in case of violations.


The group's code of conduct



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