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README FILE for ADOM Sage version 0.9.25
A frontend for ADOM 1.0.0, 1.1.1, 1.2.0pX, r48-49, and 51+
ADOM Sage is Copyright (c) 2002 by Josh Kelley
ADOM Sage is Copyright (c) 2014 by Christopher Henning
ADOM is Copyright (c) 1994-2014 by Thomas Biskup

Brief Description
ADOM Sage is a frontend to ADOM that adds various usability enhancements and
minor bugfixes.  A quick list of added features:
 * Colored messages
 * Spell and mindcraft screens now display range, damage, and duration.
 * Clerical to arcane spellbook name translation
 * Macros
 * Support for block- and line-drawing characters (instead of #, -, |)
 * Support for alternate cursor styles
 * Mouse support while targeting (currently only on Linux)
 * Suppression of excess messages while in the ToEF
 * The ability to automatically swap places with neutral creatures
 * Shortened monster names (e.g.,"Kranach" instead of "Kranach,the raider lord")
 * Commands to set the dynamic display or to repeat the last command entered
 * Pressing < or > while teleporting moves the cursor to the up/down stairs
 * Several other miscellaneous features
All of these options can be separately enabled or disabled.

I am not affiliated with ADOM or with Thomas Biskup in any way.
Please do not send Thomas bug reports based off of bugs encountered
    while playing ADOM through ADOM Sage.  There's a pretty good chance
    that the bug is actually in ADOM Sage; please confirm that the
    bug exists when playing ADOM without the Sage before submitting it
    to Thomas.
Please do not send RFEs (requests for enhancement) to Thomas based off
    of features in ADOM Sage.  Most of these features have already
    been RFE'd.  If you want to submit an RFE base off of a feature in
    ADOM Sage anyway, please at least first submit it for discussion to
    the newsgroup.

Quick Start (Linux)
If you downloaded the source package, run make.

Compiling requires the ncurses development files (perhaps called 
libncurses5-dev). If on a 64-bit host, the package may be called 
lib32ncurses5-dev, and a multilib g++ (e.g. g++-4.7-multilib) is also needed.

It's important to download and use the correct kind of ADOM. When you have the
choice (aka everything but 1.0.0 and 1.1.1), ADOM sage will only work with the
32-bit, Debian linux, non-Noteye, versions of ADOM.

Copy adom-sage and to the same directory as adom.
Whenever you wish to play ADOM, run adom-sage instead of adom.

If your screen looks ugly, please see the section on Graphics.

For more information on ADOM Sage's features or on how to enable or
disable various features, read on.

Quick End (Windows)
ADOM Sage for Windows for ADOM 1.0.0 through 1.1.1 can still be found at .  I do not know if any part of
Sage still works with ADOM 1.2.0preX or r48+ for Windows, and at this time I
do not have any plans to find out nor to ever support Windows.
(-Alucard July 2014)

Flags to adom-sage
ADOM Sage supports several command-line options.  Run it with the -h or
--help option to get a brief summary.  Here's a more detailed description
of the options:

-d x or --debug-level=x
        Sets debug level to x (a number, may be hex or octal).
        The default debug level is 1, which means to log errors only.
        A debug level of 3 means to log message processing and may
        be useful for setting up your own message lists (see below).
        Other debug levels are only of use when debugging or editing
        the source.
        Debug messages are sent to /tmp/sage.log by default.
-l filename or --logfile=filename
        Change the destination of debug messages.
-a filename or --adom-path=filename
-s filename or --sage-path=filename
        Specify a different location for the adom binary and the library, respectively.  By default, ADOM Sage
        looks for these in first in its own directory, second in the
        directories specified by your $PATH environment variable.
-p or --passive
        Runs without modifying gameplay any; only logs (some) debug messages.
        Useful while debugging or editing the source.

You may also run ADOM Sage with an option of '--'.  This signifies the
end of options for ADOM Sage; any further options are passed to ADOM.

ADOM Sage uses three config files in your ~/ directory:
sage.cfg, sage.msg, and sage.kbd.  The sage.cfg file is the configuration
file for the Sage's various features.  The sage.msg file defines the
colors assigned to different messages.  The sage.kbd is the keymap file
for Sage's commands (i.e., it defines which keys you press to activate
some of Sage's features).  The first time you run ADOM Sage, these files
are created with reasonable defaults.

The sage.cfg File - ADOM Sage's features
The format for the configuration file is similar to ADOM's config files.
Each line should be of the format
    <variable> = <name>
Blank lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored.

Details on the different options:

Auto_Swap_Neutral: If true, automatically swap places with neutral
monsters instead of asking if you wish to attack them (note: disabled for ADOM
1.2.0p17 and 21+).

Cursor_Style: Alters how the cursor is displayed.  The following options
are allowed:
    default - Show the cursor in the default style.
    hide - Hides the cursor altogether.
    block - Shows a block cursor.
    underline - Forces the cursor to display as an underline.  Requires that
        your terminal supports underlined characters; if you're using the
        console, it probably doesn't.
    reverse - Forces the cursor to display as reverse video, which is similar
        to the block cursor used by many terminal emulators but may have a
        different color scheme.

Draw_Dots: If true, replace '.' with bullet symbols.  See the section
on graphics for more details.

Draw_Blocks: If true, replace '#' with block symbols.  See the section
on graphics for more details.

Draw_Lines: If true, replace '-' and '|' with line symbols.  See the
section on graphics for more details.

Enable_Autosave: If true, automatically save a backup of the running game
every 1000 turns, and when "Sn" (save - no) is pressed. Version 1.1.1 only!

Enable_Reroller: If true, enable the character reroller during character
creation, allowing you to reroll for better stats. See the roller screen for
commands. Version 1.1.1 only!

Fast_More: If true, any key will be accepted when the '(more)' prompt is
displayed.  In other words, this has the same effect as ADOM's Fast_More
option, but ADOM Sage currently doesn't check ADOM's Fast_More option
or saved game options, so you have to set this option instead.

Fast_Selling: If true, shortens a couple of messages while selling stuff
to stores and removes a couple of others.  The result is that you'll never
have to sit through a '(more)' prompt while selling a stack of stuff.
May not be to some players' liking, so disabled by default.

Fix_Flgs: Enables the workaround for the no-flgs bug in ADOM 1.1.0.

Fix_Typos: If true, fixes a couple of typos in ADOM.

Macro_0 through Macro_9 and Macro_A through Macro_Z: Defines any number of
macros for use in ADOM Sage.  See the section on macros for details.

Mindcraft_Stats: If true, display information on the current effectiveness
of various abilities on the Invoke Mindcraft screen. (note: disabled for ADOM

More_Weapon_Stats: If true, the various 'display weapon statistics'
commands ('W', 'K', and 'M') display damages as (min-max, avg) format
in addition to dice+adds format.

Mouse: If true, enables mouse support while targeting.  See the mouse
section for details.

Quiet_Macros: If true, the screen won't be updated while running a macro.

Select_Starsign: If true (the default), you will be able to select your
birth sign on character generation.

Short_Alchemy: If true, shortens the alchemy display to always fit on
one screen.  Disabled by default.

Short_Named_Monsters: If true, shortens references to named monsters.
For example, you'll see 'Tywatt Pare' and 'Rover' instead of 'Tywatt Pare,
the sheriff' or 'Rover, the large dog'.  You'll still see the full name
when 'l'ooking at a monster.

Spell_Stats: If true, displays damage, range, and duration (where
appropriate) from the spellcasting screen.  This parameter has no effect
for ADOM 1.1.0, which already has spell stats built in.

Suppress_ToEF: If true, suppress extra messages in the Tower of Eternal

The sage.msg file - Color-coding Messages

NOTE: As of ADOM 1.2.0p17, these features are built into ADOM directly. Use
adom.msg instead of sage.msg to avoid duplicate processing, config file
confusion, and oddly colored messages.

The sage.msg file configures how messages are color-coded.  You can also
define special handling for certain messages, as described below.

The sage.msg file consists of lists of directives and messages.
Each directive affects how subsequent messages are handled.  Blank lines
and lines starting with '#' are ignored.

Directives start with a colon.  You can specify any of the colors recognized
by ADOM as directives:
    :light gray
    :dark gray
    :light blue
    :light green
    :light cyan
    :light red
    :light magenta

You can also specify three special directives:
    :no_skip - message cannot be skipped by pressing Enter at a '(more)' prompt
    :allow_skip - normal handling for a message
    :suppress - message will not be displayed at all
    :replace - replace string before the pipe character with the string after

Short example:

    # Stat gain
    :light green
    Your muscles feel stronger!
    Your senses sharpen!

    # Stat loss
    You seem to get less perceptive.

    #Stat gain
    Your senses sharpen!|Your perception has improved!

'Your muscles feel stronger!' will be displayed in light green and
cannot be skipped by pressing Enter at a '(more)' prompt.  Same with
'Your senses sharpen!'.  'You seem to get less perceptive.' will display
as red.  It also cannot be skipped by pressing Enter; the file lists
:no_skip before it and doesn't change that, even though it's a new block
of messages. Finally, "Your senses sharpen!" will be replaced with "Your
perception has improved!"

For replacements, start a :replace block, then specify the initial line
followed by a pipe ('|') symbol and the replacement text.

WARNING: Be careful when using messages containing printing identifiers
(such as %s), as changing the order of different modifiers,
leaving out several or adding extra can lead to unexpected behavior.

You can add your own messages to the sage.msg file if you wish, but
the messages that you add must match exactly the internal format used
by ADOM.  To determine ADOM's internal format for a particular message,
run adom-sage with the --debug-level=3 option and check /tmp/sage.log
after running.  Note that some messages are processed in multiple
stages; you may see several 'Message  in' and 'Message out' entries in
/tmp/sage.log for a single 'New message'.  For message coloring and
no_skip setup, you can list any of the 'message in' or 'message out'
messages for message coloring and no_skip setup.  For suppress to work
properly, you must list the final message in or message out.

The default sage.msg file contains several messages that you may wish
to suppress.  These messages are commented out; to actually suppress them,
delete the initial '#' from each line.

Regular expression matching

It is possible to match a wider range of messages using regular

Simply specify :regex directive and then add usual color/suppression messages.
These lines are stored in different place and won't affect normal matching.
Specifying the :no_regex directive will cause all subsequent lines
to be interpreted normally.

Note that regular expressions, unlike normal matching,
work with ADOM output messages.

For example, to color "displacement" messages (when one monster
slips by another) ADOM input message looks like "%s %s %s"
and adding it as normal Sage line will likely cause processing
a lot of other messages which share the input.

With regular expression matching it is possible to filter/color
only necessary messages without unwanted and unexpected changes.

Regex format
Lines should follow internal POSIX regex_t format.
You can check full specification here:

Typically you'll want to use the most basic things:

 . matches any symbol
 * matches the preceding symbol zero or more times

Short examples:


This will allow you to suppress all messages that contain "displaces"
where X and Y can be any monsters.

Note that you should still check Sage log to ensure that messages
are printed in the correct way for expressions to work.

The sage.kbd file - Commands Added by ADOM Sage
The commands added by ADOM Sage are defined here.  If you don't want
to use one or more of the added commands, you can comment them out or
delete them from this file.

This file is of the same format as the adom.kbd or .adom.kbd file.
The adom.kbd or .adom.kbd file and appendix D of ADOM's manual contain
more information about the format to use here.

If you've modified your ADOM keymap, then the default values here may
conflict with what your changes.  If so, you'll probably have to edit
sage.kbd for ADOM Sage to work correctly.

ADOM Sage adds the following commands to ADOM:

Macros 0-9 and A-Z: See the section on macros for example.  By default,
Alt-0 through Alt-9 will activate macros 0-9; macros A-Z aren't enabled
by default.

Repeat last command (default key: '): Repeats the sequence of keys that
you pressed to enter your last command.  For example, if you tried to
pickpocket an enemy to the south on your previous turn, then issue this
command, you will again attempt to pickpocket an enemy to the south.
If your opponent to the south moved, then you'll miss (note: disabled for ADOM

Set dynamic display to x: ADOM allows you to cycle through the various
settings for the dynamic display (in the lower right corner of the
screen) by pressing :t.  With these commands, you can jump directly to
the desired display without cycling through all of the options.
Default keys for these commands:
    Alt-S: Show your character's speed.
    Alt-E: Show energy cost of last action.
    Alt-G: Show the amount of gold you're carrying.
    Alt-T: Show the number of game turns elapsed.
    Alt-A: Show the amount of ammo equipped.

ADOM Sage also adds additional functionality to a couple of ADOM's
commands.  While selecting a location for a controlled teleport, if
you press < or > (or whatever keys you have bound to the ascend/descend
commands), ADOM Sage will move the cursor to the next visible staircase (note:
disabled for ADOM 1.2.0p17+).

A macro is a single, user-defined command that activates a series of
commands.  ADOM Sage allows you to define up to 36 macros.

To define a macro, edit sage.cfg and add lines similar to the following:

    Macro_0 = a0
    Macro_1 = :=Fast_Missile_Readying=false\Cm
    Macro_2 = :=Fast_Missile_Readying=true\Cm

Each line tells ADOM Sage what keys to send to ADOM when a macro is
activated.  Macro 0, when activated, will apply whatever skill you have
quick-marked as 0.  Macros 1 and 2 will change one of ADOM's configuration
options.  The keys should be listed using the same format as is used in
.adom.kbd; for example, the \Cm for macros 1 and 2 means Enter.

Next you need to edit sage.kbd to tell what keys to press to activate
a particular macro.  By default, macros 0 through 9 are activated by
pressing Alt-0 through Alt-9; if you want to change this or use additional
macros, you must edit sage.kbd.

Macros can be activated any time the game is awaiting a command (this
includes while looking, targeting, or selecting a location).  They cannot
be activated in any of the game's various information screens.

A coule of additional notes for defining macros:
 * Macros cannot call other macros.  If a macro somehow managed to call
   itself, that would lock up the game.
 * ADOM's (more) prompt will automatically be skipped while running a
   macro, so you don't need to worry about the (more) prompt.

ADOM Sage allows the use of dot-, line-, and block-drawing characters
in place of the standard ., #, -, | characters.  You'll have to use a
font and terminal setup that supports the necessary characters, though.
The console, for example, does not support the dot characters used by
ADOM Sage, although it works fine with lines and blocks.  Some fonts
under X-Windows support the needed characters, and some do not; you'll
have to play around to find out what works on your system.  I've had
good luck with the fixed (misc) font under gnome-terminal on my RedHat
7.2 box; your mileage may vary.  Please let me know if you find a setup
that works well for a particular Linux distribution.

If you don't want to mess with all of this and want to go back to the
standard characters, edit ~/ and set the three
Draw_ options to false.

Mouse Support
Mouse support is currently enabled only while naming, selecting a
destination for a controlled teleport, or targeting a missile weapon,
improved fireball, or greater telekinetic blast.  Left-click to choose
your target or destination.  Right-click to confirm your target or
destination before left-clicking if you wish to do so.

Known Bugs
* The melee and missile weapon displays are messed up in character log
  files under Windows.
* ADOM Sage doesn't know whether or not ADOM is configured permit any
  key at the '(more)' prompt when restoring or starting a new game.
  Pressing Ctrl-K a couple of times after starting or restoring will
  set it to behave correctly, or you can set the Fast_More variable in
  ADOM Sage's config file.
* ADOM Sage handles bad keymaps even worse than ADOM.  In particular, as
  .adom.kbd warns, if any of the movement commands (MON MNW MOW MSW MOS
  MSE MOE MNE WAT) are assigned to t, T, z, Z, \S, +, or -, bad things
  will happen.
* Cosmetic glitch: If Draw_Dots is enabled, dots are displayed instead
  of periods for the 'Saving...' and 'Loading...' messages.
* If you have large numbers of high-damage spells under ADOM 1.0.0,
  the spell screen may not display correctly if your screen is less than
  80 columns wide.

Credits - Josh Kelley
Thanks to Thomas Biskup for making such an excellent game.

The Windows version of ADOM Sage uses PDCurses, a getopt library by
Angus Mackay, and a tar program by T.V.Shaporev.  Thanks to the authors
involved for making my life much easier.

Thanks to Haxot for help with testing and advice.

Thanks to Keeper for help in getting ADOM Sage to work with non-US keyboards.

Thanks to Sam Blanning, Adom Biltcliffe, Eino Keskitalo, and Sobwom Joatamon
for ideas and suggestions for features - several of ADOM Sage's features were
shamelessly ripped off from features requested in their newsgroup posts
and RFEs.

Thanks to Rachel Walmsley, Keir Colbo, Mike Ehlers, Owen Brown, and Ian Tuomi
for bug reports.

On a more personal note, thanks to my wife for her love and support (and
for allowing me the time to do this sort of thing).  Thanks to God for the
ability to do this sort of thing.

Credits - Chris Henning

Thanks to the bug reporters and contributors:
Mikhail Ermakov
asdfzzz []

Thanks to jaakkos for the starsign selector
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