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CSC258 Project Proposal.docx

CSC258-Project - Whack-A-LED


-> This is a game where users attempt to "whack" a mole when the mole appears on the screen. When SW[0] is turned to 1, the game starts. Randomly, one of three moles will appear on screen (left, center, right). You must click the corresponding keyboard button before the mole disappears to get the point. Left arrow button for left mole. Down arrow for center mole. Right arrow button for right mole. This process is repeated. Once a certain score is reached the moles will appear and disappear much faster. The goal is to get as many points as possible. This uses keyboard and VGA.

Top-Level Module


project design

modules created by us

paint: draws a mole at the indicated coordinate
randomnumber: gets a random number between 0 and 7
ratecounter: to count a certain amount so mole only flashes for a certain amount of time
display_controller: turns on or off mole depending on ratecounter signal
player: determines player score
milestone3: top level module that calls everything
levelcontroller: changes ratecounter rate depending on a players score
key: initializes the keyboard files and checks whether a user has clicked the required keys. 
seven_segment_decoder: to display score to HEX

modules not created by us

Most of the keyboard module

external resources

VGA files provided by professor
keyboard files from: John Loomis website -
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