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Column-centric layout engine for tiles with asymmetric heights
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Column-centric layout engine for tiles with asymmetric heights.

To keep the readme short, I have written a separate document describing "how" and "why" I implemented this differently from current implementations of Pinterest-style tile layouts.


This has been developed against jQuery 1.7.1 and may possibly be compatible with earlier versions of jQuery.


  1. Create a container block level element
<section class="tiles-container"></section>
  1. Add options (see below) as a data-tileui-options attribute to the container
<section class="tiles-container" data-tileui-options="{"infiniteScroll": true, "minCols": 3}"></section>
  1. Insert "tiles"
<section class="tiles-container" data-tileui-options="{"infiniteScroll": true, "minCols": 3}">
	<div class="tile">content</div>
	<div class="tile">content</div>
  1. Run Javascript
<script type="text/javascript">


  • columnGap (default: 15px)

    Defines the gap between columns

  • maxPages (default: 1)

    Do not fetch more tiles after this number of "pages" of tiles has been shown.

  • minCols (default: 1)

    Minimum number of columns to use.


Initially implemented as a tile-centric layout engine by Lu Wang and fleshed out into a jQuery widget by Teju Prasad.

I later translated the implementation to a jQuery plugin and converted the engine be column-centric. There might still be some more cleanup or tightening up to do.


I am aware I'm not writing this as a proper jQuery plugin (e.g. the init function doesn't return this). This will be fixed over time.

No warranty. Not responsible for any damages or liabilities. Use at your own risk.

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