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A simple Go container to display a colored background. Used for demoing Istio Canary with Codefresh.
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Color Coded - Istio + Helm + Codefresh Demo App

What's in the app?

A simple go app that displays a color and dies when you navigate to /die. The whole thing is packaged as a Helm chart and includes a Codefresh pipeline, and Istio configuration.

You can watch a full demo here.

Installation and usage

Some effort will be requried to streamline the setup for testing but it's possible now. These instructions may be incomplete.

  1. Create a free Codefresh account
  2. Fork and add this repo to Codefresh and start with a Codefresh YAML '.codefresh/helm-canary.yml'
  3. Set the environmental variables
  4. Add a Kubernetes cluster to your Codefresh account.
  5. Install Istio and Helm
  6. Update DNS with your Istio gateway IP address.
  7. Update and deploy the istio gateway configuration under istio/canary
  8. Update the base canary configuration under istio/canary.yml with your app info.
  9. Install the Helm package once manually (pull this repo, run a helm install) helm install --name colors ./deploy/helm/colors/ --namespace=color-coded --set deployment[0].image.pullSecret=""
  10. Review the Codefresh yml and update any remaining variables (like Kubernetes context)
  11. Deploy!

Improve the setup experience

A lot of work could be done to streamline this setup flow. Contributors welcome!

More about Codefresh

Goto to learn more about Kubernetes CI/CD

Codefresh Helm Release Status

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